What it is:

TCS2015 is a 10 month comp series that has visited each and every Touchstone Climbing gym.

Each comp has featured climbing for beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers, along with all the beer, soda, and pizza you can stand. We throw these comps, which are FREE to members and only $10 for guests, so that we can thank you for being a part of out community. 

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The Touchstone Climbing Series has been an institution for our members and guests for over 10 years. What began as simple climbing competitions thrown at a few local gyms has grown into a 10 month comp series with 2 finales and over 2,000 individual competitors.

In 2015, we’re changing up the format to reflect both the USA climbing and the outdoor climbing season. The 2015 series will last 10 months with 5 roped and 5 bouldering comps with finals for each discipline.

February 20th - MetalMark - Ropes

March 20th - Diablo Rock Gym- Ropes

April 17th - The Studio - Ropes

May 15th - GWPC - Ropes

June 27th - Mission Cliffs - Ropes (Finals)

July 17th- Berkeley Ironworks - Bouldering

August 21st - MetalMark - Bouldering

September 18th- LA Boulders- Bouldering

October 16th- Pipeworks - Bouldering

November 21st- Dogpatch Boulders - Bouldering (Finals)


To expedite your registration the day of the comp, please have your Competition Code and a paper waiver in hand when you arrive.

You can print a paper waiver

Get your comp code.

If you arrive with these two things, you'll be greeted with the highest of fives. 


• All climbers and belayers must have a valid belay card.

• Competitors may attempt any route.

• Competitors have a maximum of 3 attempts per route.

• When starting a route, your hands must remain in the start box until both feet leave the ground.

• Competitors may watch other climbers, but may not give advice while that climber is climbing.

• Points will be given when a competitor controls the boxed hold.

• Please have your belayer initial your score per attempt.

• You may not work a route. Once you have weighted the rope you must lower to the ground.

• Your final placing in the competition is determined by your three highest scores.

• It is the competitor’s responsibility to turn in their scorecard.

• Lead climbing is only permitted for advanced competitors. Any lead climbing will automatically bump you into the advanced category.

• Climb your hardest! If final score puts you into the higher category, you may be bumped. Congrats!

• Only 1 score from each grade will count towards your final score. Example: You can climb every 5.11a in the gym, but you'll only be able to count one. Why not go for that 5.11b?




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Latest Routes

  • BI 10 New Routes 5.10B - 5.12B
  • MM 2 Routes,5.10a-5.10c
  • MM 2 Routes, 5.11a-5.11b

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