Hans Florine 
I have been climbing since 1983. I was the director of the US Competition Climbing organization in the mid 1990s and loved motivating people to compete at climbing competitions. I am excited to motivate people to get psyched about all kinds of fitness activity here at DRG, we've really got it all. Come talk to me if you want to share or find a goal that would get you inspired. I have contributed at Touchstone gyms for 15 years with everything from sweeping floors, building walls, marketing, front desk staff, instructor, event organizer, belayer, and a few other things. I have been up El Capitan a few times, I can probably give you some beta.




Zenohe (Z)
I'm a mellow guy who has been climbing since July 7, 2002. The fact that I remember the exact date and time (7:04pm) shows what an epic day it was, because that's when I found out how much I love climbing. I'm currently a student at DVC in Pleasant Hill and living in Martinez where things are just as mellow as my personality.
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DRG Dione_Emily_Desk Emily 
My boyfriend introduced me to climbing back in April of 2008 and it instantly clicked. I fancy myself a sport climber and love getting outdoors in attempts to master some hard leads. Right now I am back in school getting my M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and working here at Diablo Rock Gym so climbing is a luxury I can't often afford. But I hope to be out there climbing hard and strong very soon!

 I started climbing in 2007, after I graduated from UC Santa Cruz. Bouldering is my passion, but I'm trying to get into leading more. If I'm not at the gym, I'm probably swimming or riding my new dirt bike, Rufio. I love all outdoor activities, and trying new sports.
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To start off, I would like to say when I was a kid I promised myself that I would be Superman, a pirate, Bruce Wayne, and a firefighter when I grew up.  I don’t plan on backing out of that promise.  I would also like to say that when I was 3 I made my first million and when I was 10 I owned an empire of businesses, so I will.  You can mostly find me in the gym working or in the gym climbing or just in the gym.  Right now climbing is my life and I just want to climb everything!

ryan kowalski

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The Man. The Myth. The Legend. His name is Mike but you may address him as Michael Peter Hersch-burglar. Mike began his glorious reign behind the desk at Berkeley Ironworks, where he was known far and wide for giving the best freakin Intro to Climbing Class the world has ever known. After the gym was just about as safe and as happy as it could possibly be, Mike decided to take his enthusiasm for yelling and propensity for making everyday a blast to another arena of Touchstone. 
It was there that MPH, the route setter was born. His routes were thuggish yet delicate. Crimpy yet juggy. Pumpy yet relaxing. Tragically, his setting career was cut short in a freak accident that some sources say could have been avoided by sticking with ping-pong. 
Which is why we are the luckiest gym in the whole wide world to welcome Mike to our desk team. If you care even in the slightest about hip hop inspired lettering, climbing technique, stories of projectile vomit, or conspiracy theories please come talk to this man. You will be a better person for it. 
Will is a puzzle shrouded in mystery wrapped in an enigma.... Until you talk to him, at which point you discover he is a really nice guy. He used to be obsessed with road biking - his best time up Mt Diablo is 53 minutes! But he has recently sold a ton of expensive biking stuff to invest in his increasingly  climbing-centric life. So far so good!  He has a rack that will get him up El Cap, but he's only been up it once, so far… Other fund facts: He likes wearing minimalist foot ware and making his feet really strong by punishing them through hard hikes over rocks and uneven ground. One day we suspect he'll set the record on the JMT. But for now he's content with trying emulate his boss.  
 Will Masterman


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