Introducing a whole NEW way to learn to climb at Berkeley Ironworks! 

The ICC PLUS is designed for those who are interested in learning how to belay AND climbing technique at the same time. In this 2 hour class you'll learn how to secure your harness, tie in as a climber and belay your partner.

Once you've mastered these fundamentals, your instructor will stick around to teach you techniques that will help you climb longer and stronger. They'll cover hold recognition, body positioning, footwork and more. Climbing becomes easier as soon as you learn the tricks and tips that are too often overlooked by novice climbers. Why not start building good habits NOW with the ICC Plus?

M/W/F: 6pm-8pm
S/S: 2:30pm
Non-Members: $65
Members: $30


  • Basic Saftey instuction
  • Climbing Technique
  • Free Day Pass so that you can return within the week to practice your new found skills
  • Rental gear  

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Drop in daily or register online 

Learn to Climb at Berkeley Ironworks! This class is the quickest way to rope up and get climbing. In this 1 hour climbing class, you'll learn how to climb safely in any Touchstone Climbing gym. This includes how to secure your harness, tie a figure 8 follow through knot and complete your safety checks. You'll also learn how to belay safely in the gym using an ATC belay device and lower your climber back to the ground. Once the class is done, you are welcome to use your newfound skills in the gym and climb until you can't climb anymore!

Weekdays: 4:30, 6pm, 7:30
Weekends: 11:30, 1pm, 2:30pm 

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We offer clinics on everything from bouldering to lead climbing. Click below to check out all the options. 

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(Walk-in daily)

All our fitness classes are included in the monthly membership, but anyone can drop into a class as well. With classes ranging from kick boxing to core strength to TRX we have a variety of classes that will make exercising fun and engaging again. Check our calendar for information about daily classes. You can also find out more about our wonderful instructors here.

Abs Class- Instructor: Pat Ross

This class gives students a chance to focus, discover, and rediscover the layers of core strength from front to back to side body. The class is set up with 18 stations sequenced in way that encourages a balanced core workout. Students are always encouraged to listen to their body, and modifications are offered to accommodate all bodies. Students are also very welcome to substitute exercises as needed. 

Climbers have repeatedly said that 1 month of the Deep Core Class has greatly improved their climbing. 

Cardio Boxing- Instructor: Victor Damian

Our most popular class! It's a great workout which includes warm-ups, jump roping, punching, techniques, drills, mitt work, bag work, good music, push-ups, sit-ups and lots of fun. Don't worry all levels are welcome and wraps, gloves, and jump ropes are provided. Sorry batteries not included.

Total Body Conditioning- Instructor: Mary Rocha

Get ready to start your day out with this fast and intense workout. This class has cardio, plyometrics, strength and balance all rolled into a quick workout. Only 45 minutes long, but you'll get everything your body needs to get into shape. This class is great for beginner and advanced athletes as modifications for all activities are available to make things easier or more challenging depending on your fitness level.


We offer personal training if you would like to get better acquainted with the weight equipment of if you want a specific plan to reach your fitness goals. To sign up for a session with one of our qualified trainers or to find out more, you can contact them directly. Click here to meet our training staff. 


(Walk-in daily) Click here to find out more about our instructors. 

Enjoy one of our many yoga classes in our studio located on the second floor of the building. With styles ranging from ashtanga to vinyasa, our instructors keep the classes fresh and accessible to participants of all levels and experience levels. Check out our calendar for details on daily classes. Mats and equipment are available at no charge.


(Walk-in daily) Click here to find out more about our instructors. 

We have a variety of indoor cycling classes, which provide an excellent high-energy cardio workout. We move through a variety of heart rate zones, aided by heart rate monitors (or perceived exertion measures) to build strong, powerful legs and cardiovascular "engines." Most of our classes last one hour and a few last ninety minutes to two hours long. The cycling classes are for all levels, but be sure to tell the instructor if it is your first class so they can explain the flow. 

Lactate Threshold Testing 

We offer the Lactate Threshold Testing several times during the year for those looking to find out more about their progress and potential. The maximum power or speed that an athlete can maintain at lactate threshold is the most important predictor of performance for most endurance sports.  Determining an athlete’s blood lactate profile also provides valuable insight into the training state of the athlete and is the “gold standard” for setting training zones (heart rate or power) and tracking training progress.

The Lactate Threshold Test (LTT) is performed on a bicycle (cyclists) or treadmill (runners). The total session requires 90 minutes, including a body fat analysis (optional), warm up, cool down and consultation. Subjects begin slowly and gradually raise their level of exertion to peak intensity. Blood is drawn from the ear and analyzed to track changes along with changes in heart rate. Changes are measured both objectively and subjectively using a scale of perceived exertion. Once the data is collected and the test concludes, subjects receive a printout of their results along with an interpretation and recommendations for training.

 Participents must bring their own heart rate monitors. Cyclists bring their own bikes, either road bikes or mountain bikes (knobby tires must be replaced with slicks).

Price: $125


800 Potter St.
Berkeley, CA 94710
T  510 981 9900
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M,W,F 6am - 10pm
T,Th 6am - 11pm
S,S 9am - 8pm

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