Touchstone Climber Crushes Mortar


"It's like Cresiano but better," says Ethan Pringle, a 24 year old professional climber from San Francisco, of Mortar Rock. One of the only boulders in the Berkeley hills, Mortar Rock hosts a number of problems, and eliminates. John Sherman, Scott Frye, and Nat Smale began bouldering in the area in 1976, establishing the classic Nat's Traverse (V8) and developing the V-scale at the urban crag.

A line linking Nat's to the Impossible Wall traverse remains a 5.15/V14 project for future Mortar Rock addicts. Hedrick maintains that he won't be heading back to Mortar anytime soon.



The Impossible Traverse from ByronWolter on Vimeo.

There's been more Mortar action as well. Check out Alton Richardson's new Sunshine

Sunshine Eliminate (V9) from Alton Richardson on Vimeo.

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