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For visiting climbers there are a few different campsites with the main campground being Josito, which has a large restaurant.  Pringle and Trine stayed at theClimber’s Garden up the hill.  “I’d highly recommend it if you want a little more quiet and peaceful experience.” 

Pringle climbed well there, onsighting a handful of steep limestone routes rated 5.13c and 5.13d.  Pringle also managed to onsight Olympos Games, a 5.14a.


  Pringle stated modestly that though the climbing was super fun, it wasn’t difficult. “It’s not really conducive to super hard climbing because the holds there are really good and it’s not that steep. “ Still the country has an unbelievable amount of climbing.  “Turkey is a huge country covered in limestone mountains.  There’s tons of potential there.”

Besides the great climbing, Pringle took a trip to a Turkish bath house in Antalya. In the summer the citty swells to 15 million, a vast increase from the normal 2 million that live in the sprawled out Turkish city the rest of the year.  Pringle, his lady friend, and another couple checked out a Hamam, one of the spas in the city.  A huge ogre gave Pringle a quick deep tissue massage while he sat on a hot stone. “It was pretty painful while it was happening but afterwards it felt amazing. We rinsed off with cold water, which felt really good.”

Pringle returned to the US a couple of weeks ago.  He climbed at Ironworks, Mission Cliffs, and then took his new found fitness to Jailhouse, where he sent Motherlode, a 5.14a, on his second try.  Pringle plans on taking some time to climb in Bishop in the coming month.  He also plans on eating a lot more ice cream, a passion he discovered on his latest trip to Bishop.

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