Freschl's Bosavi Headlamp

Two years ago, Dan Freschl, a 30 year old Berkeley Ironworks climber, was camping in the desert with his friends.  Everyone had headlamps but no one had any decent batteries.  “We ended up huddling together, pooling our light just to get our camp set up.  Our car was right there and I didn't understand why we couldn't recharge our headlamps from the cigarette lighters.”  Freschl realized that there were no rechargeable headlamps on the market. 

Since that trip to the desert, Freschl has been working on the Bosavi headlamp.  Freschl designed and produced this perfect climber headlamp.  The Bosavi is light, small, and has a boost mode that will produce 110 lumens in case you need to do some route finding or rappelling in the dark. The headlamp also doesn’t use AAA batteries, saving you tons of money on batteries.  The Bosavi can be recharged 500 times and lasts up to 70 hours.

The Ironworks climber has put together a Kickstarter page and some information about the headlamp. Check it out!

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