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We know, we know. Dogpatch Boulders will have to be at LEAST three times bigger than this...

While it's hard to get a true sense of Dogpatch Boulders, coming to San Francisco in January 2013, we've begun to release computer models to give you an idea of the terrain you'll know and love. This past week we've given you a peek at the free standing center boudler. This feature will be a whoping 89 ft long and between 15 and 27ft wide. 

In this image, you can see the über steep and long ramp in the far right side of the feature, as well as the impressive front wall, constructed with Walltopia's 3-D curves. Each end of the boudler will top out at 15ft, with the hightest point of the center arch toping  out at 18ft! 

Dogpatch release2

This photo give us another view of the front side of the boudler. Imagine walking in to the gym and coming face to face with this impressive monolith! As you can see, the left and right side of the front side are smooth and steep, with a graceful angle. 


Here we see the opposite side of the stand alone center boulder. This side features flat planes, for example the slate grey pannel on the rigth hand side is 15ft wide! 


And last but certainly not least, we see the North side of the center feature. Smooth angles, slab walls for safe and streamlined down climbs, and massive roof under the arch. For all those 'rithmatic fans out there, we'll throw even more numbers at you. The room is just under 25 feet from floor to ceiling, and there will be about 14 inches of flooring. 

We're contunially impressed with Walltopia and happy to have collaborated with them to put together a Boudlering Gym worthy of the Bay Area! Stay tuned next week as we continue the virtual tour of Dogpatch Boudlers! 

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