Zero Gravity at Regional Championships


Congratulations to Regional Champions Cicada Jenerik, Josh Levin, Jacquelyn Wu, Conner Everton, Hanna Grossman, Natalia Grossman, Lauren Berry, Katrina Louie, Cameron Read, Emma Roberts, Seth Rogers, Ethan Rogers,

Touchstone Zero Gravity Results:

FJR Sport:

1. Cicada Jenerik (w/div. invite)

2. Alexa Nazarian (w/div. invite)

MJR Sport:

1. Josh Levin (w/div. invite)

5. Benjamin Tornai (w/div. invite)

FYA Sport:

1. Jacquelyn Wu (w/div. invite)

4. Sera Busse (w/div. invite)

5. Katrina Louie (w/div. invite)

8. Hanna Donnelly (w/div. invite)

9. Gabrielle Strandberg

11. Emmavee Mcmillin

MYA Sport:

1. Conner Everton (w/div. invite)

3. Nicholas Bradley (w/div. invite)

13. Nathan Frankel

FYB Sport:

1. Hanna Grossman (w/div. invite)

8. Dewi Zarni

MYB Sport:

6. Cameron Read (w/div. invite)

FYC Sport:

1. Natalia Grossman (w/div. invite)

3. Piper Thrams (w/div. invite)

10. Alexandra Roberts

12. Emma Roberts

MYC Sport:

2. Seth Rogers (w/div. invite)

3. Matthew Grossman (w/div. invite)

7. Dylan Meyerhoffer (w/div. invite)

8. Tristann Dias

9. Aiden Le

14. Daniel Franklin

FYD Sport:

1. Lauren Berry (w/div. invite)

MYD Sport:

2. Ethan Rogers (w/div. invite)

6. Michael Puchkov (w/div. invite)

9. Jackson Pruett

FJR Speed:

2. Cicada Jenerik (w/div. invite)

3. Alexa Nazarian (w/div. invite)

MJR Speed:

1. Josh Levin (w/div. invite)

3. Benjamin Tornai (w/div. invite)

FYA Speed:

1. Katrina Louie (w/div. invite)

2. Jacquelyn Wu (w/div. invite)

3. Hannah Donnelly (w/div. invite)

4. Gabrielle Standberg (w/div. invite)

8. Sera Buse

MYA Speed:

1. Connor Everton (w/div. invite)

5. Nicholas Bradley (w/div. invite)

8. Nathan Frankel

FYB Speed:

2. Hanna Grossman (w/div. invite)

6. Dewi Zarni (w/div. invite)

MYB Speed:

1. Cameron Read (w/div. invite)

FYC Speed:

1. Emma Roberts (w/div. invite)

2. Natalia Grossman (w/div. invite)

4. Piper Thrams (w/div. invite)

7. Alexandra Roberts (w/div. invite)

1. Seth Rogers (w/div. invite)

2. Matthew Grossman (w/div. invite)

3. Tristann Dias (w/div. invite)

4. Aiden Le (w/div. invite)

5. Dylan Meyerhoffer (w/div. invite)

14. Daniel Franklin

FYD Speed:

4. Lauren Berry (w/div. invite)

MYD Speed:

1. Ethan Rogers (w/div. invite)

5. Michael Puchkov (w/div. invite)

6. Jackson Pruett

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