7x7 learns to climb at Mission Cliffs

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"...Walking into Mission Cliffs for the first time is an experience in itself. It’s hard to imagine you are still in San Francisco proper when starring up at the colorful, towering walls covered in climbing holds and route markers. It’s even harder to imagine how you will possibly navigate the 50 feet to the top. Cue Daniel and the Intro to Climbing class. Emphasis on the word “class,” because you learn a lot, and yes, there will be a test!" - 7x7

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Hans Florine on Training Beta

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Touchstone Climbing manager Hans Florine sat down with the Training Beta Podcast to talk about "His seriously amazing feats as a Yosemite and competition speed climber, his badass training sessions in the gym before work, how he trains for big walls and speed climbing, what he eats before and during big wall speed ascents, whether or not he’ll attempt another speed record on the Nose...and a lot more!" - Training Beta Podcast 

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MetalMark Climbing on FresYes

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"Being the outdoors guy I have to tell you about MetalMark Fitness at Granite Park. From the hard-core rock climber all the way down to the youngster MetalMark will tempt you with easy routes and leave you trying routes harder and harder until your arms are pumped, fingers tired and smiles pasted on your faces well past when the tiredness fades. Our family of 7 can be found on almost any day of the week testing out anything from a bouldering problem, a 5.10 wall route or a friendly competition to see who can do the most pull ups or plank the longest over in the gym area." - FresYes

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Dogpatch Boulders on Mommy Nearest

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"Dogpatch Boulders, in case you don't know already, is by the same people who brought us Mission Cliffs (and we all know how much kids love that place!). Here, you'll find kids classes (for the five and up set), parties and camps. There is a short climbing wall and a play structure just for smaller kids; older kids might want to tackle the more complicated walls." - Mommy Nearest

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Jeremy Ho on Chalk Talk Podcast

"Jeremy Ho is the head routesetter of Touchstone Climbing. He is responsible for managing a team of routesetters that don’t just worry about spinning holds in one gym, but soon-to-be 12 gyms. And not just your local whosie whatsit gym. If you haven’t seen the Touchstone gyms, they are usually on the bigger side of huge. Their flagship gym (also their first), Mission Cliffs, boasts 23,000 sq/ft of climbing terrain, 50 ft. walls, and 2,000 sq/ft of bouldering terrain. Not to mention their San Francisco bouldering gym, Dogpatch, has 14,000 of bouldering terrain. Needless to say, their routesetters have to be on their game, and Jeremy is the man who coordinates the team." - Chalk Talk Podcast 

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