Diane Ortega
Diane got her start with Touchstone at Pipeworks in Sacramento in June of 2005. She was hired to facilitate their awesome summer camp program and smoothly transitioned into working behind the front desk. She came to Sacramento from Chico, where she attended Chico State and graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science. Diane made the move to San Jose after receiving the management position and is loving the South Bay! She enjoys climbing, backpacking, bowling and pretending that she can mountain bike.



Ian is a young gentleman who hails from the lands of Los Angeles. Ian picked up climbing when he started college and has been steadily increasing the amount of time he spends on the wall. When not climbing he enjoys producing music, playing video games, or just kicking back with friends and family.

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photo-1  Henry
Henry is new to the climbing world. He has always loved the outdoors and is a natural at clambering and scaling things, so it seemed only fitting that he should take it to the next level by becoming a part of the Touchstone team. On his time off Henry enjoys climbing at Castle Rock state park, spending time on the beach, camping in the Sierras and spending time with family and friends. Though Henry enjoys all of these activities his true passion is to pretend he knows what he is talking about when it comes to climbing.

Christian does not like talking about himself. You will never hear him brag about crushing a V6 on the bouldering wall even though both his ankles were broken and he was hungover that day. Oh, and his hands were wet. But he doesn't talk about that day. No, you will never hear him talk about how satisfied his students are after taking private climbing lessons- he prefers to stay modest about the raving reviews he frequently receives. Though he is tall, lithe, and shockingly handsome with eyes like the sea, he comes off as a very modest individual. He often brushes off compliments about his blinding intellect and broad scope of obscure, fascinating knowledge. He mostly enjoys cooking exotic meals for his beautiful girlfriend and showering her with affection and rare gems. With his free time he writes poetry and perfects his French and Italian. He doesn't always drink beer; but when he does, it sure as hell isn't Dos Equis.
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I started climbing at age 19 and have been addicted ever since. I’m a South Bay native and long time San Jose resident so I’ve been stoked on the Studio since its inception. I’ve always liked to get outdoors, and climbing is a great excuse to escape to the mountains and see new and beautiful places. When I’m not climbing, I like to ride bikes, relax and learn new things. I like to camp. I’m also obsessed with climbing and outdoor gear. Oh, and my favorite color is blue.



aka Rem-a-lem aka Remzters aka little Rem-Rem is a part-salt part-desert creature shark expert by proxy. Since graduating from San Jose State, she spends most of her time climbing or sailing or sipping cognac or other super fun Californian things with her hunka happa love, Paul (the real shark expert). Named after Remington Steel and Remy Martin, “Remy” is actually a CB handle that caught on while working at Maker Faire Bay Area and interviewing shark researchers at Moss Landing. Hobbies include drinking whiskey, playing darts, chasing wild turkeys, letting owls do things to her car, trapping humming birds on accident, bathing in ginger beer (just kidding she just drinks a lot of it), evading mercury poisoning, eating lots of raw tuna (it’s a constant personal battle), beach combing in her backyard that is a beach, throwing knives (she’s not that good yet) and generally being a wannabe post-apocalyptic pirate.  Her next big trip is to South Africa to send the Rocklands and swim with bull sharks in the Indian Ocean with her boo.

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This summer child was born and raised in the dry hills of San Jose. Since he found out he could wear flip-flops year round, he's done it. He enjoys the simple stuff like pretending he owns shoes, reading batman, going bouldering, hanging out with friends or family, or occasionally buying art supplies and acting like he's an artist. 




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