$8000 Raised for the Access Fund

  |  Posted in Jun. 03, 15

Climbing is becoming a more and more popular activity. We’ve all seen it. Access to our beloved climbing areas often becomes threatened as the numbers of visiting climbers increases year-to-year. Not only that, the transition from gym climbing to outdoor climbing can be confusing and unaware climbers can leave plants trampled, grounds trashed, and land owners rethinking their generous agreements.


Access Fund, an organization based out of Boulder, CO, is dedicated to keeping access to our favorite rocks and climbing areas available to us. Pretty nice, huh? In 2013 alone the Access Fund preserved access in 126 climbing areas and propelled a new program called Educate for Access that is dedicated to informing climbers how to minimize their impact. 

Educate For Access from Gregory Packs on Vimeo.

The Access Fund’s work in the region ranges from the “unlocking” of Jailhouse Rock in Jamestown, CA to the Indian Rock Park Clean up in the Berkeley hills. 

In 2013 the staff at Berkeley Ironworks took it upon themselves to raise money with their very own “Access Fund Month” during all of November. Chances are you even helped out! Berkeley Ironworks allows customers to make micro-donations, like putting $.25 towards your $4.75 Gatorade and Clif Bar purchases to make the $5 credit card minimum. They also offered a rafel where members could buy one of the magnificent photographs by local artists Mike Reynolds and Mike Bonkowski.

Our local athletes even stepped up to help the cause. The pro climber silent auction with rock stars like Alex Honnold, Beth Rodden, Ethan Pringle, and Joe Kinder allowed our members to donate to a great cause and get amazing instruction. All in all, the Berkeley Ironworks community raised over $8,000 in donations!

Although Access Fund is a growing organization, their hard work can’t be realized without your help. We’re hoping that in 2014 we can continue to assist Access Fund in their endeavors and bring education to the members that have help shaped our amazing community.

Stay tuned for upcoming programs, and thanks for your help!