Castle Rock Saved: For Now

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Castle Rock State Park, one of the best climbing destinations in the south bay area, was saved from closure by the Sempervirens Fund, a nonprofit conservation group in Los Altos.  The deal, which is set to be announced today, Wednesday, means the park will receive $250,000.  The donation will help keep the park open for another year.  

Castle Rock1

The deal will also open 1340 acres on the southern end of the park, an area that has been close to the public for over a decade.  Staffing levels and hours are still being worked out between state officials and the Sempervirens Fund

Castle Rock 2

The park closure is part of Governor Jerry Brown’s attempt to balance the budget.  70 parks of California’s 280 state parks are slated to be closed by July 1.

The closure has only been delayed.  The state park still needs funds to stay open.  Please support the Sempervirens Fund and other groups helping to raise funds for the climbing area.

For more information about the park closure see the Mercury News article.