Finding Solutions at LA Boulders

  |  Posted in Jun. 03, 15

This Month, LA Boulders had the pleasure of hosting a group from Breathe Life Healing Center, an LA-based clinic that aides adults in overcoming addiction. “We were lucky enough to work with this awesome organization twice in two weeks, and some people from the first group even came back the second week for round two!” said LA.B Manager Remi Moehring.

After a thorough safety lesson, the group scattered themselves around the gym explore the terrain. By the end of the session, they were all plopped down in one big mass, cheering each other on and taking turns working through tough moves while the others talked them through the sequence.

LA Boulders From program director Shane Coyle, the climbing experience “allowed clients to find solutions in-the-now as opposed to in theory. This allows them the chance to create small achievable goals they can feel good about.” He also recognized the significant amount of fear one can experience on their first climbing experience and how that can act as a motivator. “It allows our clients to face uncomfortable emotion such as fear, and instead of running from such fear, they use it as support to push them farther.”

Roxy, the group’s instructor for both sessions, noticed a change in the group as well. “It was so inspiring to see a group of people, who have all come together because of personal challenges they’re facing in life, support each other in a physical challenge and come out on top. Climbing has always been used metaphorically in this way, but it’s cool to see it come to fruition.”

By the end of each session, everyone left feeling sufficiently exhausted, stronger mentally and physically, and more confident about their climbing prowess. We are so proud to be able to host groups who can better their lives through climbing. Come back soon!