Gearing up for TCS 2016 at The Studio Climbing

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The great thing about having 11 gym siblings, (and we’re expecting!) is that there is ALWAYS something going on in the Touchstone Climbing family. Next week it’s The Studio‘s turn to host a party, and we can’t wait!


The Touchstone Climbing Series, or #TSC206 if you speak hashtag, is wrapping up with one last ropes competition before the finale at Mission Cliffs. “It’s going to be RAD,” said route setting foreman Art Balaoro. “We’re going to set routes that fill the entire gym with awesome, comp style routes.” TCS2016 will bring Touchstone Climbers from all over California to San Jose.

….Because who can say no to beer, pizza, a comp T-shirt and oodles of prizes?!

“I can’t wait to host the Touchstone Climbing Series competition at our gym,” said Gym Manager Diane Ortega. “These comps are my favorite day of the month – can’t wait to see what surprises next Friday brings!”


The competition will run from 5pm-10pm and you can show up whenever you’d like. Each competitor will climb in the beginner, intermediate, or advanced categories, and we’ll score your top three climbs. Here are some easy tips to prepare for the competition and breeze through registration when you arrive.

#1. Print our a paper waiver

It’s a Touchstone Comp! Which means you need a signed paper waiver in hand. Do members need them? Yes. Do guests need them? Yes. Does it matter that you’ve filled one out before… no! You can print one out right here, or show us your best John Hancock at the gym when you arrive.

#2. Have your comp code in hand.

If you have already competed in a Touchstone Climbing Comp in the last 4 years, you already have a 3 letter code.In order to get a score card at the gym and get yo’ climb on, we need that code!

If you think you have one… just check. Remember the code and have it ready when you come to the gym. Bonus points will be awarded for people who have their code written atop their waiver!

If this is your first comp – HOLY COW! Welcome! All you need to do is register to get your code. It takes about…. 2 minutes. Maybe 3 if you didn’t pay attention in typing class.

#3. Get psyched!

Seriously. San Jose has amazing rope climbing terrain, and with an entire gym at our disposal, this comp is going to be a blast. Remember to document to fun. Share the magic of the comp, and remember to tag your photos with #TCS2016 and #touchstoneclimbing so we can share in the fun. We’ll pick our favorite photos from the comp and hand out extra awesome prizes!