Why did you name your box v16?
We named our box after the hardest established boulder grade, and a huge freaking engine.

What is CrossFit?
Broadly speaking, CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movement, performed at high-intensity.” More specifically, CrossFit is a fitness program that incorporates a combination of weightlifting/powerlifting, gymnastics and high-intensity cardiovascular exercises into a cohesive and challenging workout.

Is there any additional cost for Crossfit V16?
Yes. Our CrossFit program functions as an additional/exclusive feature to our standard gym membership. As such, current members will pay an additional $20 a month (added to their existing monthly membership rate) for unlimited access to our schedule of classes. For visitors or those who simply wish to try out our CrossFit program before subscribing to this add-on fee, can simply pay our drop-in rate of $5/class for members or $30/class for non-members.

Type Price Description
Monthly Membership $104 This option allows members to take an unlimited number of classes. ($84 + $20 = $104/month)
Annual Membership $1,144 This option allows members to take a unlimited number of classes.
Members $5 Are you a member who only wants to drop-in occasionally? This option is for you.
Non-Member $30 Drop-in rate per class.

If I pay the unlimited class option, can I take classes at CrossFit Pipeworks?
Yes, your CrossFit dues include access to the CF classes offered at Sacramento Pipeworks and Diablo Rock Gym.

What is a WOD?
A WOD is a Workout of the Day. Most classes consist of three parts: Mobility/Warm-up, Technique/Skill Development, and the WOD. WODs often vary in both the type of movements performed and length of time.

What should I expect?
Our coaches’ first priority is your safety, and we expect our athletes to share that belief—both for themselves and for their fellow athletes. Classes focus on proper technique before adding in variables such as intensity and load. Beyond that, results will vary based on the individual, but most can expect to increase their cardiovascular capacity, build strength, and learn to perform weightlifting & gymnastic movements with safe and efficient technique.

Am I too old/young?

What if I am injured or have an old injury?
Because your safety is our first priority, we’d never ask you to perform any movements that may be harmful or dangerous, or that could possibly exacerbate an existing injury. However, if you do have a preexisting injury or condition and are wondering if it’s safe to do CrossFit, we’d recommend getting clearance from your doctor, then shooting us an email at gw_staff@touchstoneclimbing.com.

My friends tell me CrossFit is dangerous. Will I get hurt?
Studies have found that CrossFit participants tend to sustain injuries at a rate that is consistent with a typical fitness regimen. Sports such as weightlifting, jogging/running, and soccer have been linked to similar rates of injury. That being said, every exercise program contains an element of risk, which is why our coaches’ first priority is your safety (is there an echo in here?). Athletes will be coached to scale both load and intensity until mastery of movement is achieved. Furthermore, by improving strength, flexibility and cardiovascular stamina, CrossFit actually helps to prevent of injury across every other facet of your life.