Are you looking for some help in the weight room? Our personal training staff at Berkeley Ironworks is here to help you reach your fitness goals with someone at your side! Meet the staff! 


Strength improves endurance, coordination, and balance. Barbell training is the most effective way to get stronger, and Gwyn specializes in coaching the basic barbell exercises safely and thoroughly, using the Starting Strength system developed by coach Mark Rippetoe. Gwyn discovered barbell training in 2008 and began using the Starting Strength system to support her martial arts practice. She became a Certified Starting Strength Coach in 2015, and is delighted to help anyone regain strength and function through barbell training.

Learn to Lift
You will learn to squat, press, bench press, and deadlift over the course of two private 90 minute training sessions for $200. We will also construct a training program to fit your goals and needs.

Ongoing Personal Training
Contact me for package rates and information: (510) 393-8008 or



Gail is passionate about fitness and also about working with people. She combined those two passions when she became an instructor at Berkeley Ironworks 4 year ago. Starting as a spin instructor, Gail found that she loves to teach and motivate others and then watch people’s fitness and technique improve. Her love for teaching spin led to teaching boot-camp classes and becoming an NASM CPT. She loves a good challenging and fun workout. She believes that fun comes from being challenged, training weaknesses and watching them become strengths. Gail promotes a balanced, active lifestyle and has a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

1 Session: $75 | 5 Sessions: $350 | 10 Sessions: $650