MetalMark Climbing is the perfect place for kids to learn how to rock climb. We have a variety of options for children ages 6 and up!

Kids Belay

Bring your kids in for an hour of climbing with our staff! They’ll take turns climbing, learning movement, building confidence, and having fun!

Climbing Team

Team Touchstone is ideal for youth climbers who are just starting out, but know that they are super excited about improving at climbing! The main focus of this team is to help climbers develop a love for the sport, while addressing the basics of climbing techniques and becoming a well-rounded climber. This team provides a great opportunity to climb with other young climbers in a social, relaxed climbing environment.

Climbing Camps

We are offering summer camps, which include five days of three hours of instruction and fun! Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level climbers are welcome. Parents are invited to attend the last day of camp and watch as their kids demonstrate the skills they have honed throughout the week.

Climbing Parties

MetalMark Climbing is the perfect place to celebrate your child’s birthday party! Our friendly staff will make sure that everyone has fun while challenging themselves to reach new heights!