5 boards, unlimited options.

Whether you’re an LED-lover or Luddite, our Training Center has a board to help you reach all of your climbing goals. Learn more about our training boards here, including wall angles and requisite app info.

Touchstone Board–35°

Introducing the Touchstone Training Board! Fixed at a 35° angle with light-up holds, it’s an accessible introduction to training boards. Our app focuses on bringing the Touchstone community together while allowing members to create problems for each other across our gyms.

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Touchstone Board App

Kilter Board–Adjustable

A modern take on the traditional woody. The Kilter Board’s light-up holds and aesthetic, intuitive feel appeals to all users, from beginners to professionals. Our adjustable wall allows you to dial in the perfect angle for your training.

Get the Kilter Board App

Kilter App Kilter Website


The original standardized interactive training wall at a fixed 40° angle. Download the app to connect to a global community of climbers through shared problems and competitive performance rankings.

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MoonBoard App MoonBoard Website

Tension Board–40°

A symmetrical training board at a fixed 40° angle with wooden holds for a challenging yet skin-friendly experience. Its mirrored layout it allows for balanced training exercises and next-level movement practice.

Get the Tension App

Tension Board App Tension Wesbite

Spray Wall–45°

You don’t mess with the classics. Our traditional 45° woody has a ton of holds for a ton of training options, no apps required.