Announcing: Touchstone Brewing Company and the Pintworks Pub + Beer Garden

What was once a dream is on its way to becoming a reality: Touchstone Climbing is building its own brewery! Located in Sacramento and sharing the property with Pipeworks, Touchstone Brewing Company will be a production brewery, pub, and outdoor beer garden. While we can’t yet give you an opening date, we are working hard to push through the permitting process so we can begin construction on this amazing project. Our designs are in, much of the equipment has been purchased, and many test beers have been brewed. Once we get the green light from The City of Sacramento, we will move quickly. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for updates from the brewery. Our brewmaster has already been brewing collaboration beers with other breweries, so you can find beers we have worked on between Sacramento and LA!

Before you send us an email, check out these frequently asked questions.

When are you opening?

We wish we could say tomorrow, but it’ll probably be a bit longer. We are working on the last permit to get started on construction. Keep an eye on this website and on social media for updates.

Why Touchstone Brewing Company + Pintworks?

Touchstone Brewing Company is our brand name and Pintworks is the name of our Pub + Beer Garden in Sacramento…maybe there’s potential for more locations!

Are you hiring?

Not yet, but we will put some blasts on social media when that time comes!

What positions will be available?

  • Brewer/Assistant Brewer
  • Pub Supervisor
  • Food Preppers
  • Beertenders
  • Bussers

Can I pitch you my amazing product for you to sell/use at your brewery/restaurant?

Possibly. We mostly have our product details figured out, but not everything has been purchased yet!

I have more questions, where can I reach you?

Yell real loud or look to the right for our email. We don’t have a phone number yet.

…Actually, unless you’re really close, yelling might not get you very far.