• Donna


    After returning from a weekend trip from San Diego where she got fake tips put on her nails, her first adventure to Mission Cliffs with her friend left her scratching at the walls. She had such a great time that she went home and tore off the tips and begged her friend to take her climbing again -The rest is history…SHE WAS HOOKED! Donna has been with the gym for 9 years and has really enjoyed working with the community and assisting the diverse clients at Mission Cliffs.

  • Frank

    Desk Staff

    Frank started climbing when hip belays were the standard technique in belaying. Frank was one of the original members of the gym, and has long been a staple behind the front desk.

  • Michael

    Desk Staff

    The lucky man in the middle is Michael. A butcher, a baker, a charming heart-breaker; this guy has a finance degree from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Michael is now ready for the corporate world… just as soon as the economy cooperates. You can find him zipping around the city on his motorcycle, enjoying the finer sides of German Techno, or at one of his favorite local pubs when he’s not at the gym.

  • Noah

    Desk Staff

    Bay Area native, computer language/web dev nerd, dj/producer, and bicycle aficionado with an addiction to climbing. Did we mention he really likes peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches?

  • Maxine

    Desk Staff

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, Max first started climbing in the Gunks. She is pretty sure the best things in life are bluegrass, making pasta from scratch, hiking at sunrise, and eating sandwiches. When she’s not behind the front desk at Mission Cliffs, Max can be found biking around Oakland, surfing at Ocean Beach, writing about contemporary Icelandic art, or training for her next marathon. In addition to New York, she’s lived in Italy and North Carolina, and worked as a shepherdess, a food critic and a museum security guard. 

  • Clark

    Desk Staff

    After a childhood in the Great Weird State of Florida and a brief collegiate dip in the lakes of Minnesota, Clark has found a home on the Left Coast. Joyful from the warmth and community at Mission Cliffs, he relishes the groovy vertical opportunities offered by Queen Calafia’s great lands of rock and sand. The mountains are calling, but when the line is busy, Clark fools around with film, photos, cartoons, and sound.

  • Daniel

    Desk Staff

    Daniel has been climbing for 3 years. He spent the past ten years as a professional modern dancer here in the city and around the world. After retiring his life in the spotlight, he decided to go to mountaineering school. Climbing is his new life. Daniel has climbed in Alaska, Patagonia and Spain. He is now in the process of getting his Rock Guiding certification with the American Mountain Guide Association.

  • George

    Desk Staff

    Vermont raised, George recently migrated to San Francisco for a change of pace and lifestyle. With 11+ years of climbing experience, he will give you a great belay, chat about technique tips, training pointers, or talk to you about the best east coast IPA to try in any given situation (he does assert that IPA’s are very closely related to climbing). In addition to climbing, George spends his free time kiteboarding, running, reading, and binge watching Netflix. If asked about the best climbing advice he has ever heard, George will probably tell you to, “Generally trend upwards,” or, “Just float it, bro!”

  • Brandy

    Desk Staff

    Brandy hails from Arkansas has been climbing since 2007. Besides living and climbing in the wonderland that is the Ozarks, she has lived in Colorado, New Zealand, Yosemite and -for the better part of the past two years- in the back of her Nissan Versa all over the country on an extended rock climbing/hiking/being outside trip​. Yes, she is small enough to stretch out entirely in the back of the car and be comfortable. Brandy was a radio dj for 4 years, where she interviewed climbers and musicians and played what some might call “fresh jams”. When she’s not climbing she fills up her time with cooking, eating the food she cooked, summiting mountains, playing the guitar and piano, and making cutoff t-shirts for her friends.