• Donna


    After returning from a weekend trip from San Diego where she got fake tips put on her nails, her first adventure to Mission Cliffs with her friend left her scratching at the walls. She had such a great time that she went home and tore off the tips and begged her friend to take her climbing again -The rest is history…SHE WAS HOOKED! Donna has been with the gym for 9 years and has really enjoyed working with the community and assisting the diverse clients at Mission Cliffs.

  • Frank

    Desk Staff

    Frank started climbing when hip belays were the standard technique in belaying. Frank was one of the original members of the gym, and has long been a staple behind the front desk.

  • Shaun

    Desk Staff

    Shaun was born and raised in the great city of San Francisco, he is a city boy by definition but an outdoorsman at heart. He started climbing in 2007 while also focusing on school. He is now a licensed EMT always looking to save a life or just put a band-aid on that booboo. When Shaun isn’t climbing he enjoys spending time with the family, playing with his dog, cooking on the fly, snowboarding when there’s actually snow and lot’s of other exciting endeavors. His future goals are to be a Firefighter/Paramedic and to help Mission Cliffs to be the raddest climbing gym ever!

  • Justin

    Desk Staff

    A NASM certified personal trainer, professional dancer, and lover of climbing, Justin is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. He spent his childhood summers going on cross country family camping trips, where he found his love of campfires, and big skies. He went on to attend the Hartt School at the University of Hartford, Connecticut, where he graduated with a BFA in Dance Performance. Upon moving to San Francisco in 2008, he has danced with a variety of companies including ODC, and the San Francisco Symphony. After retiring from full time professional dance, Justin has chosen to pursue his love of climbing and personal fitness coaching. He believes that anything can be achieved with time, effort, and patience…and maybe a whole lot of pull-ups.

  • Jordan

    Desk Staff

    Jordan started climbing in 2010 as part of a college course. He carried on climbing poorly, albeit enthusiastically, until he took his first lead class in January of 2017. Since starting work at Mission Cliffs in March 2017, he’s refined many skills, such as rocking ridiculous and unruly hairdos, encouraging vocal climbing, and napping under the lead prow. Don’t hesitate to say hi to him as you swipe in!

  • Ting

    Desk Staff

    Ting grew up in Glendora, California where she often played in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains and learned many life lessons “the hard way.” In past lives, she was a professional cellist, caretaker for intellectually disabled adults, student of Renaissance art, and competitive figure skater. Ting lives in Oakland with her husband, Cary, their pit bull, Ian, and Lawrence, a feisty black cat. When she’s not working at Mission Cliffs, she’s probably working out at Mission Cliffs or another Touchstone gym. On occasion, when she’s not at a Touchstone gym, she can be found running with Ian in the Oakland hills or crawling up a Sierra peak.

  • Charlotte

    Desk Staff

    Charlotte spent most her life on the soccer fields of San Francisco; she was however exposed to the vertical world on a few occasions growing up. Her first “send” was at a Mission Cliffs birthday party in 1999. When she was 18 she visited Ha Long Bay, Vietnam where one of her brothers was living and working for a climbing guiding company. She got to deep water solo and rope up in the jungle with him. It was a fateful trip! Charlotte went on to do some trekking/mountaineering in the Indian Himalayas, which deepened her appreciation for psychologically challenging activities. She eventually wound up at Mission Cliffs, where she enjoys getting individuals of all abilities climbing. Charlotte is passionate about adaptive recreation/sports and hopes to some day work as an Occupational Therapist.