• Mario (he/him)

    Gym Manager
    I won’t say a hero, ’cause what’s a hero? But there’s a man. Sometimes there’s a man who—well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there, and that’s Mario in... Berkeley. Born and raised in Española New Mexico, Mario relocated to the best coast as a young adult. After working as a theatrical light designer in San Francisco, luthier and professor of luthrie at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, Mario fell in love with climbing and its community and knew this was place for him. Things Mario wont shut up about…climbing, coffee, nutrition, The Office, and why the jelly filled donut is the most important sports supplement you should be taking.
  • Jacob (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Despite what his accent might otherwise tell you, Jacob’s been living in the states for most of his life. Born in England, he moved to California at 6, and has been living in the Bay... Area off and on ever since. He got his start climbing while at college in Tacoma Washington, but didn’t properly catch the bug until coming back to the East Bay after graduation. He’s been teaching elementary school for the last 5 years, but took a year off to spend 4 months on a solo bike tour around the perimeter of the US. Back form the trip, Jacob’s trying his best to rebuild the hand calluses he lost not climbing for that long.
  • Ben (he/they)

    Desk Staff
    Bay Area climbing gyms have been Ben’s home since age eight. From private lessons, through the competitive team and summer camp counseling to desk staff, Ben has grown up at Touchstone more than anywhere else.... Climbing remains Ben’s outlet (both emotionally and creatively), their only motivation to work out, and a wonderful community. If you’re ready for an earful, ask Ben about his other passions: Dungeons and Dragons, classical music, film, tea, and horror novels.
  • Marina (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    One score years ago, named after Berkeley’s very own boat parking lot, Marina made her grand entrance just a stone’s throw away. Yet, reared amidst the snowy Syracuse, NY, Marina bid farewell to winter’s chill... and embraced her East Bay roots, setting anchor at UC Berkeley. Though she dabbled in climbing during her high school days, it wasn’t until college that she got hooked when she found a home amongst a crazy community of climbing companions at Cal. When not at the Oaks, fret not! She’s likely plotting her next outdoor adventures, hanging with her cat, getting crafty, whipping up some odd vegan concoctions, or on a quest to find the ultimate swimming hole.
  • Ted (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Born in Berkeley, raised in the East Bay, Ted then went on to pursue his undergraduate degree in Oregon in Environmental Science and Chinese Studies. After traveling abroad and living abroad for a short while,... he is back in The Bay! He has always had a passion for outdoor activities and has more recently added climbing to that list.
  • Rolando (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    “He’s like a useless Good Will Hunting,” is something you might hear one say about Rolando. Whether he is scaling rock walls, crafting animations, asleep with his dog, or restoring his cars, he is always... learning off-yet-nifty facts and tricks. When not climbing, you’ll catch him chilling outdoors, painting, or diving into a good read. One might be tempted to call him a jack of all trades… sadly he’s the only one who does.