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Fitness Classes

TRX is a high-intensity, fast-paced class that uses suspension straps to help you build muscle while combining cardio with strength training. TRX is an effective way to develop lean muscle, boost metabolism, tighten your core, and increase overall endurance. Our full body workouts are 45 minutes long.

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GWPC is proud to offer a variety of yoga classes in our studio located on the second floor of the building. With styles ranging from ashtanga to vinyasa, our instructors keep the classes accessible yet challenging to participants of all levels and experience levels.

We’re also extremely proud to offer yoga throughout the day, so whether you like to practice yoga to help kick start your mornings, break up the monotony of your workday, or wind down after an evening climbing session, we’ve got a class that will suit your needs! Check out our calendar for details on daily classes. Mats and equipment are available.

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Full Body Bootcamp
Need to get a serious sweat before work?

Full Body Boot Camp is guaranteed to challenge all fitness levels. This class will improve your endurance, sculpt your muscles, and get you in shape, leaving no muscle behind! We will do dynamic body movements, kickboxing, core conditioning, high-intensity interval training, push-ups, squats, and much more! This class will be fun, challenging, and kick your butt (in a good way)!

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Cardio Boxing
Cardio Boxing is one of GWPC’s most popular classes, and for good reason! It’s a comprehensive full-body workout which combines boxing and kickboxing drills with high-intensity strength and aerobic training. Sound hard? Don’t worry, because we crank up the tunes and work together as a class to turn the whole experience into a party! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve traded leather for years or are brand new to the sport, because all levels are welcome. We also provide hand wraps, gloves, and jump ropes for every class… but the effort is all yours.

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CrossFit V16
GWPC proudly offers over 40 classes each to our community members and guests. Each movement and every workout are carefully designed in such a manner as to be completely scalable for everyone, from novices to elite CrossFitters. Because of this, every one of our classes is totally free to our members with no limitations whatsoever; just a full slate of quality programming and outstanding coaches!

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Core Conditioning
Even though it’s easy to presume that our extremities do most of the work when we’re moving, in fact, the opposite is true: most movement starts at our midsections and moves outward. A rock-solid core will help ensure that your movements are both strong and pain-free.

GWPC’s Core Conditioning classes give students a chance to focus on developing the layers of core strength from the anterior to the posterior sides of the body. Our instructors will help you build the strength necessary to maintain stability and core tension, both of which are essential to climbers (and frankly any human who wants to live better!). This class is open to participants of all experience levels, and movements can be modified to accommodate every individual.

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Training for Climbing (aka T4C)
This class will focus on building total-body strength & mobility to help you climb harder and prevent injuries. Core, shoulders, back, fingers & more!

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