• Melissa

    Yoga Instructor

    Melissa has been teaching yoga since 2008 and climbing even longer. Her classes are welcoming, dynamic and especially beneficial to climbers.Melissa’s feel-good classes build physical strength and mental clarity through healthy movements, safe assists, and down to earth guidance.

  • William

    Yoga Instructor

    William discovered Yoga in 1995 on the simple path to becoming a better rock climber.  He learned Yoga is a lot more than building core strength & flexibility.

    “Practicing Yoga is a great compliment to any hobby because of the powerful psychological benefits & body connection to breath.  This metaphor is infinite as the power of breath is used every day, especially when we confront fear & anxiety.  The simple yet profound path to learning how to master our breath makes our life more manageable & teaches us how to let go of stress & tension in a healthy sustainable manner.”

    In addition to practicing victorious breath, William loves how Yoga reminds us to slow down & stay connected to living in the present & being aware.  Learning to do this this brings us peace & joy when we most need it.

    Invigorated by Yoga, William completed multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings at Akasha Yoga in Davis & CorePower in Berkeley. When he isn’t teaching Yoga, he can often be found rock climbing in Yosemite.

  • Rachel

    Yoga Instructor

    Rachel Priest is a yoga and movement teacher living in Oakland California, but with southern roots being from Tennessee. She started teaching yoga 8 years ago, receiving her 200hr Teaching Training in the Integral Yoga method in Charleston, SC.

    Rachel discovered the benefits of yoga when recovering from an ankle injury and found that yoga not only healed her body but gave her mental tools to face her years-long struggle with disordered eating and body image. Rachel’s classes are strong and sweaty, with intentional transitions, but are down to earth. The occasional word stumbling or laughter makes her classes relatable all while focusing on proper alignment and strength for any level of practitioner to enjoy and also benefit from the gift of yoga.