• Dan (he/him)

    Do you hear bass-heavy EDM? Is the scent of Earl Grey wafting under the prow? Then that’s probably Dan behind the desk. Originally from across the pond, Dan grew up surfing and gallivanting along the wild North Cornish coast before... discovering climbing in the dingy walls of East London (since much improved). Soon after, he found that the sea cliffs from his childhood were also climbable and set about finding the friends and gear needed to stay alive when doing so. When not behind the desk you can usually find Dan, face obscured by a camera or laptop, telling stories or approximating art.
  • Julie (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    An East Bay native, Julie has been climbing in gyms for three years, and whatever she could reach for about 23 more before that. When not at the GW front desk, she can be found reorganizing objects around the gym,... going for long walks, sewing nifty items (it has pockets!!!), or dancing. Talk to her about biotech or motorcycles any day of the week.
  • Joshua (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Born and raised in the Bay Area, Josh first got his start climbing right here at GWPC. When he’s not behind the front desk or climbing, you can find him running, biking, hiking, or sunbathing with his dog, Mickey. Talk... to him about your project or the best California climbing destinations!
  • Kyle (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Kyle only knows two things in this life: speed and more speed. Y2K survivor and level 60 frost mage in world of warcraft, climbing became his side hustle between being an B-list celebrity and professional chef in the world’s first... and only 4 Michelin Star restaurant. His career was jump-started when he boxed Mike Tyson in his prime and won; he later went on to win multiple olympic gold medals in birdwatching as well as the luge. He then went on to attend every Ivy League just for fun while single-handedly winning the Formula 1 contructor’s championship with a car he made out of driftwood, bubblegum and a pack of Phantom Fireworks. Ask Kyle about life’s greatest mysteries or his homemade pizza dough recipe.
  • Elena (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    Elena began climbing in 2017 when she was attending her beloved Santa Monica College. She also became vegan whilst at SMC and has been passionate about animal rights activism ever since. She can become easily distracted if she sees an animal because... of the level of adoration she has for them, “SQUIRREL!” Besides that, her other favorite activities include eating food, doing pretzel-like yoga poses and being silly. Catch her taking whips on her projects in the lead section.
  • TJ (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Fresh off a 4-month cross-country van life trip, TJ landed in the Bay to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. His relationship with rock climbing began as a carnival worker, supervising the climbing wall at the Great New York State... Fair. It wasn’t until years later in 2015, after moving to Portland, OR, where he was truly introduced to the world of rock climbing and the incredible community that comes with it. With the onset of the Pandemic and navigating life during these trying times, TJ started to lose touch with the world of climbing. Now living in a city with the best gym in the world (Great Western, of course) TJ’s looking to get back to form and meet all the fine people that make up the GW community. Be sure to say hi — especially if you’re looking to chat about Magic the Gathering, synthesizers, and all your favorite vegan restaurants in the Bay.
  • Sara (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    Sara quit the free-solo professional climbing world to join the greatest power company/climbing gym in Uptown Oakland. To blend in, she humbly climbs easy V2 routes bouldering and modestly flashes 5.11As for funsies. She free-soloed the smoke stack once just... to feel something. Rumor has it Sara graduated from law school, passed the bar, and started her own practice, but has been running from the law as a fugitive in 6 different states ever since. One time Sara chased a guest down the street because she didn’t get to wish them a “good night” as they left— needless to say she takes her role at the front desk very seriously.