• Jeremy


    Jeremy’s background with GWPC falls firmly into the category of “right place, right time”. He was discovered on the streets of Oakland, sipping a Diet Coke and asking for directions to Indian Rock. He has since found and even climbed at this world class crag, with notable ticks such as “Pegboard” and “Unnamed V0″. Nowadays, he spends his free time projecting plastic classics, eating cronuts and doing CrossFit.

  • Andrew

    Desk Staff

    Andrew is a native of Western North Carolina and has been climbing since 2004. He and his wife love California! They have shared many adventures throughout the west including several long multi-pitch routes in Red Rocks and Yosemite as well as a healthy amount of Grade V aid. His favorite places include Joshua Tree, Pinnacles, Tuolumne, Tahoe, Gunks, as well as the home cliffs of NC. Andrew is excited to be a member of the GWPC Touchstone family. He also teaches our amazing crack climbing clinic.

  • Jon

    Desk Staff

    Jon hails us from the far off land of Kentucky. As the story goes, he wandered into the gym several years ago looking lost and scared, so we shaved him down, gave him a bath and named him Jon.  Turns out he climbed fairly well, and we allowed him to stay. Over the past three years, Jon’s contributions to the gym have described as both modest and insignificant. When not at the gym shredding or keeping us on our toes with his silly antics, Jon can be found climbing outside almost every weekend. Castle Rock, Bishop, Owens, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Tahoe are just a few of the locations where Jon refers to himself as “The Mayor”. Through it all, we love having Jon here!  His passion for climbing and life is infectious. Feel free to ask him about his thoughts on Donut Savant or how to stick that pesky sloper. But mostly he loves hugs, so give him one the next time you see him.

  • Tre

    Desk Staff

    Tre is a pretty swell dude. He typically starts his day by biking 100+ miles, then comes into the gym and puts down plastic projects by the bushel. His big, toothy grin has been measured at 1,500 lumens (by science), and he’s been known to illuminate entire boulder fields with a single smile.  Did we mention that he also teaches at Berkeley Ironworks? Check out his Total Body Conditioning class, and prepare to weep twice (once mid-workout and again while you admire newly discovered 6-pack abs). Drop by the front desk to ask Tre anything from gear advice to fitness classes to bouldering beta, or ask him for turn by turn directions to Destination Jacked… he’ll know what you mean.

  • Holly Rock

    Desk Staff

    Initially hired because of her last name, we were disappointed to find out that Holly is unfortunately made of people DNA and not actual rock. However, she lives up to her surname and is right at home on the rock. On her days off, Holly somehow finds time to hang with Kelly Slater and shred some monster waves. Holly has also been known to nurse baby mountain lions and rescue hatchling sea turtles because she’s an awesome human. However, after a near fatal run-in with Jaws (one that left him with a black eye and her with a sweet shark tooth necklace), she has settled for a more relaxed job at GWPC. Next time you see her, say hi and ask her about the surf report!

  • Stephen

    Desk Staff

    In a time that was not so long ago, in a swamp filled with gators and snakes a child was born. He lived within the Florida swamps where he wrestled gators to show dominance, drank snake venom for hydration and nested in the mangroves. After he became king of the swamps he became bored and decided to go on an adventure to find the true meaning of life. With nothing but some pants, a bandana, and a pocket knife he went on his quest. He fought lions in the mountains, scorpions in the desert, and tigers; wherever tigers live…who knows…regardless he fought tigers. Of course he didn’t kill any of the animals, but instead tamed them, and now has an army of lions, scorpions, and tigers (Oh my!!) that he can call on at any time. He eventually found a spot that was full of ravaging dogs that scorn the streets of San Francisco. He found a home in this place and now works at a gym known for its ravaging dogs… dogpatch… ravaging… lets just hope he took a shower before into coming to work.