• Jessica Wan

    Gym Manager

    While most people recognize Jess from Berkeley Ironworks, GW is now where it’s at! She started climbing around 2008 and like most everyone else, it became her life [insert any cheesy quote]. And if you’ve read her bio from before on the BIW staff page, then yes, her ideal climbing day is still a day out bouldering in Font, followed by a bowl of strawberry ice cream.

  • Julie

    Desk Staff

    An East Bay native, Julie has been climbing in gyms for three years, and whatever she could reach for about 23 more before that. When not at the GW front desk, she can be found reorganizing objects around the gym, going for long walks, sewing nifty items (it has pockets!!!), or dancing. Talk to her about biotech or motorcycles any day of the week.

  • Richy

    While many need a bed to fall asleep on each night, Richy possesses the unique ability to sleep on the ground easily. When climbing, his chalk bag is typically barren except for twigs and pebbles. Given these attributes, one could call him a true dirt bagger but then he wouldn’t be able to give in to his vices… Current mood — binge-watching Jeopardy and playing The Office theme song on repeat.