• Jeremy


    Jeremy’s background with GWPC falls firmly into the category of “right place, right time.” He was discovered on the streets of Oakland, sipping a Diet Coke and asking for directions to Indian Rock. He has since found and even climbed at this world class crag, with notable ticks such as Pegboard and Unnamed V0. Nowadays, he spends his free time projecting plastic classics, eating cronuts, and doing CrossFit.

  • Jeff

    Desk Staff

    Jeff rose to unwilling fame as a wee fetus playing the drums in his mother’s belly for a Doritos Super Bowl commercial some years ago. Largely unrecognizable since actual birth, he spends part of his days wondering how to combine his two loves, drumming and climbing. The rest of his time he spends listening to podcasts. His favorite dessert is chips and salsa.

  • Diane

    Desk Staff

    Diane has been climbing for over seven years. The first time she ever climbed was in Yosemite and she very quickly fell in love with climbing. She was a member years before she started working with Touchstone, first at Diablo Rock Gym and now here at GWPC.

    When she’s not behind the desk, wrangling young climbers, or teaching a clinic, Diane enjoys traveling, running, backpacking, cooking, reading, and volunteering at local animal rescues. In a previous life she also trained and competed in Muay Thai kickboxing in Oakland. Tacos rule her world.

  • Vanessa

    Desk Staff

    Taking on each day with her wings spread,
    Celebrating the day ahead,
    This is the life for which she was bred.

    She has a natural talent for sweetening the mood,
    As long as the coffee has been brewed,
    (Unless you’re rude).

    Raised near but far traveled,
    Ask her where she’s dabbled,
    And her migratory life will be unraveled.

    Her palate only recently found the sweet nectar of the crag,
    But don’t let that be a drag,
    She’s ready to climb so grab your gear bag.

  • Kristin

    Desk Staff

    Kristin thinks about little bunny foo foo even when she’s climbing rocks. She dances like she prances and can write a song about pretty much anything; anytime, anywhere. Find her constructing Pokétrap playlists for you at the front desk and ask about her latest adventure biking without maps, anything involving physical therapy doodads, or how to draw a decent-looking house plant for your ma.

  • Katrina Leyden

    Desk Staff

    Katrina is some wild animal (maybe a coyote) from West Oakland. She enjoys spending time with her packmate, Maple, taking her on long drives to Red Rocks, Nevada and also hanging out with other people’s dogs (maybe coyotes, too). Her Oakland-based activities include getting an education in welding and machining, and making lattes. You will find her at the GWPC front desk. Awoooo

  • JP

    Desk Staff

    JP (or John Paul for short) has been climbing rocks, trees, and buildings as far back as he can remember. After happening upon an old pirate’s map of “good stuff to climb,” he found himself at Mt. St. Helena where he discovered climbers with ropes and gear and he realized that climbing was a real sport and not just a kid’s birthday activity. Those pirates (er, climbers) put him in a pair of shoes and pointed him in the direction of Berkeley Ironworks. Although he still prefers to be barefoot, JP will admit that climbing shoes have pretty good grip and help protect his toes. When not at the front desk offering a friendly “Howdy” or “Buh-Bye,” you can find him bouldering around Berkeley, making homemade pasta, or working in the garden with his dog Lucy. ARRRRR MATEY!!!

  • Jerome

    Desk Staff

    Jerome is a psyched human being reppin’ the East Bay Area and Northern California to the fullest. He feels hella lucky to have discovered climbing and folks that share the passion. His playlist includes, but is by no means limited to: beats, rap letters, high quality granite, strong & dark coffee, cycling, road trippin’ w/ the homies, campfire chillin’ & holding it down for The West Coast. He would like to shout out: B!, Mikhael Herschbanger III, The Flash Lords, MeowFrye, and Call it What You Want.

  • Bekka

    Desk Staff

    Bekka is the personification of wanderlust; much to the chagrin of her mother, who is constantly trying to get her to stay in one place. She collects vintage coats as if she’s hoarding them (though she swears she’s not a hoarder) and is the self-anointed patron saint of all stray cats and dogs. Her best friend is a tattered and torn 20-year-old blanket named Szmati that belonged to her beloved Nana. When she’s not traveling the world, she can either be found planning her next travels around the world, or cruising long trad routes. As a former winner of “Last Comic Standing,” Bekka’s jokes are guaranteed to make her laugh. While she can be trusted to give pillow-soft belays, she cannot be trusted around sour candy. Also, hot sauce goes on everything except ice cream.

  • Dalton

    Desk Staff

    Dalton hails from the enchanted and faraway land known to historians as “New Mexico.” He’s a contemporary dancer, which means that he can both floss and climb with equal aplomb. Dalton thoroughly enjoys “the hustle” (sleeping in), reading theory (watching cat videos), and yes, picnics on the beach (picnics on the beach). We recently asked him what his favorite part about working for GWPC was and he said, “Definitely the impromptu dance parties”…He’s not wrong.

  • Stephen

    Desk Staff

    Stephen somehow found rock climbing in one of the flattest places on Earth—Florida. When he wasn’t catching waves at the beach or eating oranges at Disney World, he could be found earning his gumby status at the local climbing gym. He eventually got lost and ended up in Oakland, thinking he was still in line for Space Mountain. When he’s not behind the front desk or teaching lead clinics, he can be found watching and blogging about basketball or seeking out the Bay Area’s best hikes. He also likes guacamole.

  • Katrina Louie

    Desk Staff

    Katrina started climbing at the Bay Area Touchstone gyms in middle school and loves the sense of community that they provide. When she’s not working behind the front desk, she’s most likely studying, climbing, or spending time outdoors. She also enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching sci-fi shows.