• Jeremy


    Jeremy’s background with GWPC falls firmly into the category of “right place, right time”. He was discovered on the streets of Oakland, sipping a Diet Coke and asking for directions to Indian Rock. He has since found and even climbed at this world class crag, with notable ticks such as “Pegboard” and “Unnamed V0”. Nowadays, he spends his free time projecting plastic classics, eating cronuts and doing CrossFit.

  • Jon

    Desk Staff

    Jon hails us from the far off land of Kentucky. As the story goes, he wandered into the gym several years ago looking lost and scared, so we shaved him down, gave him a bath and named him Jon.  Turns out he climbed fairly well, and we allowed him to stay. Over the past three years, Jon’s contributions to the gym have described as both modest and insignificant. When not at the gym shredding or keeping us on our toes with his silly antics, Jon can be found climbing outside almost every weekend. Castle Rock, Bishop, Owens, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Tahoe are just a few of the locations where Jon refers to himself as “The Mayor”. Through it all, we love having Jon here!  His passion for climbing and life is infectious. Feel free to ask him about his thoughts on Donut Savant or how to stick that pesky sloper. But mostly he loves hugs, so give him one the next time you see him.

  • Tre

    Desk Staff

    Tre is a pretty swell dude. He typically starts his day by biking 100+ miles, then comes into the gym and puts down plastic projects by the bushel. His big, toothy grin has been measured at 1,500 lumens (by science), and he’s been known to illuminate entire boulder fields with a single smile.  Did we mention that he also teaches at Berkeley Ironworks? Check out his Total Body Conditioning class, and prepare to weep twice (once mid-workout and again while you admire newly discovered 6-pack abs). Drop by the front desk to ask Tre anything from gear advice to fitness classes to bouldering beta, or ask him for turn by turn directions to Destination Jacked… he’ll know what you mean.

  • Zak

    Desk Staff

    Zakky G (codename: “Big Boi Simba”) comes to us from a mythical land known as ‘Albänÿ’. Known for sending members’ projects in his flip flops and for his infectious levels of try hard, this young Jedi is strong in the pull-down Force, honing his innate abilities by living underneath the bouldering wave at Berkeley Ironworks. Zak has managed to survive off a strict diet of burritos and chocolate milk, and spends up to 4-hours each night brushing his golden locks of hair. While it’s not known whether or not he is actually the Lorax that Dr. Seuss wrote about, no one has ever seen the two together, and he does love trees… so draw your own conclusions.

  • Carole

    Desk Staff

    Carole joined the GWPC kingdom as high priestess of potion-making and animal mimicry. Seeking gusts of endorphins and leaving a scented trail of popcorn along her path, she spends weekends in the Sierras or wandering local kelp forests, studying nudibranchs and lupine. A talented shark-whisperer and learned student of alien communication, Carole’s only known weakness is laser-pointers.

  • Jackie

    Desk Staff

    Jackie originally hails from the great state of New Jersey but has happily called the Bay Area home for the last decade. You can find her at GWPC working behind the front desk or helping kids learn how to climb in our after school programs. Jackie loves crack climbing, animals, and chocolate. She dislikes beta spraying, people who are mean to animals and writing bios about herself. Seriously though, if you are mean to animals, she will find you.

  • Danny

    Desk Staff

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Jeff

    Desk Staff

    Jeff rose to unwilling fame as a wee fetus playing the drums in his mother’s belly for a Doritos Super Bowl commercial some years ago. Largely unrecognizable since actual birth, he spends part of his days wondering how to combine his two loves, drumming and climbing. The rest of his time he spends listening to podcasts. His favorite dessert is chips and salsa.