• Dan (he/him)

    Do you hear bass-heavy EDM? Is the scent of Earl Grey wafting under the prow? Then that’s probably Dan behind the desk. Originally from across the pond, Dan grew up surfing and gallivanting along the... wild North Cornish coast before discovering climbing in the dingy walls of East London (since much improved). Soon after, he found that the sea cliffs from his childhood were also climbable and set about finding the friends and gear needed to do so. When not in the gym or at the crag, you can usually find Dan re-learning how to surf or hoarding plywood to build furniture someday.
  • Kyle (he/him)

    Kyle only knows two things in this life: speed and more speed. Y2K survivor and level 60 frost mage in world of warcraft, climbing became his side hustle between being an B-list celebrity and professional... chef in the world’s first and only 4 Michelin Star restaurant. His career was jump-started when he boxed Mike Tyson in his prime and won; he later went on to win multiple olympic gold medals in birdwatching as well as the luge. He then went on to attend every Ivy League just for fun while single-handedly winning the Formula 1 contructor’s championship with a car he made out of driftwood, bubblegum and a pack of Phantom Fireworks. Ask Kyle about life’s greatest mysteries or his homemade pizza dough recipe.
  • TJ (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    TJ’s rock climbing journey all began at the Great New York State Fair. One high school summer he decided to work at said fair alongside all the traveling carnival folk and was assigned to work... the “rock climbing” wall. It wasn’t until many years later, after moving to Portland, OR, where he was brought to his first climbing gym and was truly introduced to the world of rock climbing. Enamored by the sport and supportive community, TJ was hooked. Knowing the vulnerability that comes with trying something new, TJ hopes to offer support and a positive environment to all the new climbers out there.  Be sure to say hi — especially if you’re looking to chat about Magic the Gathering, music, and all your favorite vegan restaurants in the Bay.
  • Richy (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    While many need a bed to fall asleep on each night, Richy possesses the unique ability to sleep on the ground easily. When climbing, his chalk bag is typically barren except for twigs and pebbles.... Given these attributes, one could call him a true dirt bagger but then he wouldn’t be able to give in to his vices… Current mood – binge- watching Jeopardy and playing The Office theme song on repeat.
  • Kelsey (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    Thanks to a friend’s birthday party, Kelsey got her start in climbing at the ripe young age of 3. She’s been hooked on climbing ever since and loves how the sport brings people together. Her... carefully chosen go-to shoe is the Scarpa Drago LV and she’s a gates out kinda gal (controversial we know). Kelsey considers GWPC her second home but when she’s not in the gym she’s enjoying live music, fine tuning her windsurfing skillz, beginning her quarter-life crisis of marathon training, and ticking sport projects in Owens river gorge. She is a Jamba Juice addict, liquid chalk skeptic, “social” chess player, passionate tomato hater, NPR tiny desk aficionado, crag nap pro, and long time hot yoga enthusiast. Make sure to say hi when you see her around the gym and keep an ear out for her classic closing time dad jokes over the loudspeaker.
  • Hayden (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Bay area born and raised, Hayden started his climbing adventures at a young age, scaling huge boulders around Donner Lake and visiting the equally exciting local wall at Chuck E. Cheese. Recently graduated from Cal... State East Bay with B.F.A in Photography, Hayden is enjoying the post college life before jumping into a masters degree. When not at the front desk or climbing, you can catch him pursuing his side quests: finding the best food/coffee/beer in the Bay, ripping on the mountain bike, taking photos, finding live music, walking his three dogs (Bailey, Riley, and Arya), reading fantasy books and playing World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy and Stardew Valley. Feel free to say hi whenever you stop in!