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Team Touchstone is a youth climbing program dedicated to training the next generation of climbers. Our athletes develop the technique, strength, and confidence required for competitive climbing in a fun and rigorous team environment. From young climbers just getting their start in the sport to those ready to compete on a national level, Team Touchstone has something for kids of all ages looking to challenge themselves.

Team Touchstone athletes are ultimately encouraged to progress through the levels of our program and participate in climbing competitions. Climbers who demonstrate a high level of climbing ability and interest in competition may be invited to join our Competitive Team.

Want to join Team Touchstone? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Our teams are based on ability level, not age.
  • We’re a sports team. Regular attendance is required and our athletes are encouraged to purchase team shirts to wear during practice and competitions.
  • Our program is for youth who want to grow as competitive climbers and be part of a tight-knit team. For those who are looking for a less structured social climbing experience, our kids camps may be a better fit; visit our Climbing Camps page for information¬†and availability.
  • Our teams run year-round. Registration can occur at any time throughout the year and does not reset annually or seasonally.

We have three different levels of our team program. Here is some helpful information to consider when choosing which level is right for you.

Type Initiation Rate
Recreational Team $50 $135/Month
Intermediate Team $50 $165/Month
Competition Team $50 $240/Month

Recreational Team: FULL

This is a great team for climbers who are just starting out, but know that they are super excited about improving their climbing within a more structured practice. The main focus of this team is to help climbers develop a love for the sport while addressing the basics of climbing technique, introducing team dynamics, and helping them become well-rounded climbers. This team provides a great opportunity to train with other young climbers in a relaxed, social environment while preparing them for a more rigorous training experience should they advance to the Intermediate or Competitive Team.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 4-6PM

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Intermediate Team: FULL

The Intermediate Team is designed to provide a challenging training environment for climbers who want to become more serious about the sport. This team focuses on advanced technique, strength, and strategy development while still providing a fun, social climbing experience. Climbers on this team have at least 1-2 years of climbing experience and attend competitions with our Competitive Team. Climbers from the Intermediate Team may eventually be invited to join the Competitive Team once they have demonstrated the requisite technical proficiency and level of commitment. Tryouts or coach recommendation are required to join the Intermediate Team.

Schedule: Tuesdays + Thursdays 4-6PM

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Competitive Team: FULL

This team is for climbers who are dedicated to competition climbing and want a serious training environment. Climbers on this team attend USA Climbing competitions and compete at both the local and national level. This team focuses on comp-specific technique development, rigorous strength training, and competition strategy. It is expected that climbers on the Competitive Team are aware of the time, travel, and financial commitments that are required to take part in the USAC competition circuit. Admission to the Competitive Team is by invitation only. 

Want more information on competition climbing and our Competitive Team? Check out our Competitive Team FAQ.

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