• Remi (she/her)

    Gym Manager

    Remi has been with Touchstone since 2011 and has loved every minute of it! From opening new gyms to evicting pigeons who have made the COI climbing walls their home, there’s always something new and exciting to tackle when she comes into work. Other than being a Touchstone ride-or-die, she is an aerial artist, drag enthusiast, and staunch supporter of the notion that if you’re not having fun you’re not doing climbing right. You can find her at the gym trying to switch the Pandora station to 90’s pop radio without anybody noticing.

  • Pierre (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    An East Bay kid, Pierre spent his childhood playing football in the streets and video games on the couch. He and his brother discovered climbing when, after years of bouncing and tumbling at a local trampoline park, their group of friends were looking for a new challenge. “Diablo Rock Gym was just like a more grown-up version of what we were already doing,” he said. While he can often be found quietly scrolling through his Instagram feed (or respectfully avoiding yet another lap on your project), don’t let his modesty fool you—Pierre’s real secret recipe is his determination and laser-like focus.

  • Leila (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Leila loves cooking, climbing and cats. Born and raised in Berkeley, you can probably find her at Berkeley Bowl, in her permaculture garden or at the front desk at Pacific Pipe! In 2012, she decided she wanted to learn to climb, took an Intro to Climbing Class at Ironworks and hasn’t gotten off the wall since. She is super appreciative to be part of the Touchstone community and excited to climb new routes on new walls with new friends!

  • Haiden (they/them)

    Desk Staff

    Although originally from the lone star state, Haiden knew they belonged out on the west coast and set roots in Oakland back in March 2021. They got into climbing not long before the pandemic and are super stoked to get back to it! They’re a proud parent of an always anxious, yet always adorable rescue named Nalu. When not behind the desk, you can probably find Haiden practicing their technique for their next Chiropractic exam, out at the beach, or sunbathing at Lake Merritt. If you have any strategy tips for Catan, please share since they are the only housemate who has yet to win a game.

  • Brandi (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Brandi is brand new to the climbing game, but has tons of experience being at elevation as a cheerleader and cheer coach! She looks forward to learning more about the climbing world and incorporating it into her life as a daily workout. You can find her at the gym when she’s not busy being a reality TV queen or working at her other job in education.

  • Dane (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Dane hails from Atlanta, GA. He became a member in summer 2019 down in SoCal at Verdigo Boulders in Burbank. He loves Touchstone and is truly thankful to be a part of the Touchstone desk staff family.

  • Noah (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Noah puts the “elation” in “public relations.” He moved from New York (he loves a bomber Pink Tri-Cam) to California, as Yosemite Valley is where he feels most at home. In spite of his love for slippery granite, Noah continues to sell his soul to academia as he pursues a master’s degree in Global Studies, working on the intersection of climate change and human displacement. When he isn’t seeking out those sweet gym splitters and howling out Stone Monkey “oooh ooohs,” you can find Noah wrenching on his veericles, riding his beloved KTM Duke 390, tending to his brood, or driving his little yellow Skoolie down Highway 395. If you enjoy slotting alloy widgets into flared, irregular constrictions, (or even if you don’t) ask Noah about his collection of totems and his Yosemite dreams.