Yoga Classes

Ultimate Yoga
Static and dynamic. Technical and burly. Fun and challenging. Poses, actions, and movements intended to increase strength, flexibility, and mobility for climbers and other athletes. This might be the hardest yoga class you ever take. Be prepared to laugh, sweat, and get your butt kicked.

Vin | Yin
Half Vinyasa yoga, half Yin yoga. The bridge of these two styles will first get your body warmed up and moving. We’ll start off by linking breath to movement with active holds and balancing postures. The second half of the class is slowed down, going into deep static stretches on the floor, held for several minutes in a relaxed state. This targets the connective tissues, where long-term tension is stuck in the body. Props and hands-on assists will be there for comfort and support. This class will leave you feeling more energized, less stressed, and more open with increased flexibility and balance.

Rejuvenate & Restore
Enjoy this grounding practice to start your week! In this carefully sequenced class, you’ll spend time mindfully energizing the body with dynamic movement & deep stretches. You’ll target deep connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones) while connecting deeper with your breath for a full body reset.

Interval Yoga
A powerful blend of bodyweight intervals and vinyasa yoga that is guaranteed to build your strength and endurance both on and off the mat. Each class begins with some grounding breathwork or movement, followed by a creative sequence, and ends with a deep stretch into a much needed, and deserved, savasana. Bring your smile, your sense of humor, and yourself, just as you are.

Strong & Steady
Break a sweat without breaking the flow of your breath. Develop flexibility and ease in your body and everyday life! Strong and dynamic yet grounded in safe form and alignment always. All levels are welcome!