Cliffs of Id Becomes Basecamp for FutureScouts

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…The kids are alright.

This summer Cliffs of Id opened their doors to FutureScouts, a group dedicated to preparing youth with survival skills for the 21st century. The focus on the ability to problem-solve, model complex systems, evaluate knowledge and create their own narratives. Through a two-week summer program, FutureScouts provides experiences and tools that help the teens become authors of their own future.

Where was this when we were in Middle School?!

Cliffs of Id became base camp during this year’s summer session. “One of the important skills that we consider vital in the 21st century is mind and body balance,” said coordinator Ishan Shapiro.  “Movement is a type of intelligence, and there’s a proprioceptive literacy that’s involved in climbing. Cliffs of Id was the perfect venue to introduce the group to ideas surrounding body problem solving.”

“We also shared with the kids that climbing isn’t about competition or going higher and further than one another. It’s a space in which we all support one another to push our own individual boundaries. Climbing encourages you to push your boundaries and to face your fears.”

“In between activities and during free time, the kids climbed in groups at Cliffs of Id. Climbing together was a rewarding experience for us that helped us get more in sync as a group – everyone was able to feel their own accomplishment and celebrate everyone else’s.”

We are always happy to share the physical and mental benefits of climbing with our local community and non-profit organizations. If you would like to bring a group to the gym, check out our outreach programming and group rates.