• Ethan Pringle

    Touchstone Climbing Athlete

    Born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco, Ethan was introduced to the wonders of nature before he could walk. He first set foot in Mission Cliffs at age eight. Mission Cliffs was, and still is, one of the premier climbing gyms in the country, and happens to be only four blocks from his home.

    Ethan met some amazing people at the gym who had a profound effect on him. He was very lucky to meet climbers willing to take a snotty but enthusiastic little kid on outdoor climbing trips to places like Pinnacles, Mickey’s Beach, Bishop, Owens River Gorge, Red Rocks, and Mt. Charleston. He remains forever indebted to those people.

    Since climbing is still such a small community, as a youngster Ethan had the opportunity to climb and become friends with people who inspired him—people who he read about in magazines­ and were his heroes at one time, like François Le Grand, Jason Campbell, Liv Sansoz and Chris Sharma. At twelve he began to compete. Since then he has been on the U.S. climbing team every year, placing top three in almost every comp he has entered, and winning a few national and international level competitions.

  • Joe Kinder

    Touchstone Climbing Athlete

    Joe Kinder’s first climbing experience was in Estes Park, Colorado on a family vacation when he was 13. It wasn’t until two years later while living in New Hampshire that Joe became fully overtaken by the sport of rock climbing. Known for his outrageous personality and infinite psych, Joe is walking motivation. He eats, sleeps and breathes climbing and stays true to his personal slogan: “ALWAYS PSYCHED!!!”

    After graduating college at the Maine College Of Art he became a professional athlete by age 20. Joe’s personal philosophies stem from experiences, friendship and travel throughout his life as a climber.

    The approach “One life to live” is how he lives day-to-day and it shows in his infectious positivity. Whether reaching out to people through his well-read, popular blog, or meeting climbers in person at crags around the globe, he is able to share his genuine passion for this sport in an amazing, unforgettable way. No one forgets meeting Joe.

  • Nick Bradley

    Touchstone Climbing Athlete

    Nick was born in 1997 in the quiet city of Livermore where he was eventually introduced to climbing at the local gym. He immediately threw himself into competitions. Since then, Nick has made podium at SCS Youth Nationals for the past five years, including two 1st place finishes, and has competed internationally in Austria and Canada. Outside, his proudest achievements are onsighting Whole Shot 5.13d in Maple Canyon, redpointing a couple of 14a’s, including Omaha Beach in the Red River Gorge, and bouldering v12, such as Maze of Death in Bishop. Other than climbing, he enjoys running as cross-training and a bit of photography.

  • Elise Buser

    Touchstone Climbing Athlete

    Elise was born and raised in majestic Oakland, California. Before setting foot in a climbing gym she had already put up various first ascents of local poles, trees, and doorways, but her formal introduction to the climbing world happened at age twelve when she went to a kids’ camp at Berkeley Ironworks. She was instantly hooked and has been climbing ever since.

    She loves how climbing allows her to constantly push and surprise herself. Elise’s favorite places to climb are Bishop, Donner Summit, and Great Western Power Company. She is also a routesetter for Touchstone and enjoys trying to stump people with confusing sequences.

    She has podiumed multiple times in ABS regionals and divisionals, participated in Nationals three times, and has podiumed in several Touchstone Climbing Series. Outside, she is most proud of her ascents of Pimp Juice (V9), White Lines (V8), and Nat’s Traverse (V8), as well as Cannibals (12d) and Warp Factor (13a).

    Elise is currently a sophomore at UC Davis and is pursuing a major in Biological Sciences. When not climbing, she is likely studying redox reactions, drinking coffee, slacklining, drawing geometric cats, or tending to the mushrooms in her closet.