Use your own bodyweight and gravity to work every muscle in your body. A TRX workout will help you build a rock-solid core, increase muscular endurance, improve grip strength, and enhance flexibility. This dynamic workout benefits all fitness levels, from the pro climber to kids and seniors. Join us for a fast, effective total-body workout that will provide you with greater performance for your climb.

Instructor: Jonathan or Eddie

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Stretch Fit

This class incorporates a variety of exercises based on dance/gymnastics warm-ups, yoga, pilates, and calisthenics to create balance throughout the body. The main focus will be improving body posture, balance, agility, and coordination. Strengthen the entire body, especially the core, and focus on level-appropriate stretches to gradually increase flexibility.

Instructor: Lauren

Climber Cardio Core

Step up your cross-training and enhance your endurance with a fun blend of high-intensity interval training, cardio calisthenics, and some good old-fashioned abdominal work. Utilizing mostly bodyweight movements to build overall strength and stamina, get ready for a fast-paced, circuit-based class with some surprises thrown in to keep you on your toes (sometimes literally!). If you like burpees and fun beats, this is the class for you!

Instructor: Taylor

Hip Hop Dance

Work up a sweat to great music for a pure cardio workout with user-friendly choreography! 

Instructor: Jonathan

Headstands + Handstands

Shoulder stands, headstands, forearm stands, and handstands!!! This class focuses on proper technique and conditioning drills to get you a controlled flow in and out of your invert. We’ll introduce different leg, hip, arm, and hand positions along with various entries and exits. Level: Beginner to Advanced (handstand press).

Instructor: Keisha

Handstand Conditioning + Shoulder Opening

A combination of mobility, flexibility, and strength training for shoulders, wrists, back, core, and hamstrings with a focus on shoulder opening. Great for shoulders that are tight from climbing!

Instructor: Keisha


Burn fat and carve a solid core while increasing strength, endurance, and mobility! Full-body bootcamp workouts you can do anywhere, but they’re more fun with us!

Instructor: Eddie


  • Morning Vinyasa Flow: Wake up your breath and get your blood moving with an invigorating vinyasa flow. This class will jump start your brain and body for a great day.

Instructor: Kristie Rose

  • Acro Yoga: Acro Yoga combines yoga and acrobatics to create supported versions of traditional yoga poses and build strength, balance, and human connections. In this class, you will get practice as both the “base” and “flyer” to master therapeutic and acrobatic poses in tandem with a partner. Whether you are an experienced inverter or a first-timer, these classes offers the support you need to literally reach new nights and get flying!

Instructors: Sarah + Greg

  • Balance Flow: Learn how to properly engage your core by improving your balance on your feet, hands, and maybe even head! Class starts with a strong vinyasa flow to warm up and ends with a workshop-style breakdown of a more challenging pose. Variations will be offered so that all levels can find their edge. Come play!

Instructor: Taylor

  • Hatha Flow: An invigorating yoga class for refocusing your mind and rejuvenating your body. Practice traditional Hatha yoga poses with breath-directed movements to build strength and release tension. The perfect class to start your week!

Instructor: Cassandra

  • Power Yoga:All-levels vinyasa flow class linking breath to movement. Creative sequencing will lead you through a strong practice of exploring new poses with a sweet cool-down. Modifications offered, as this class is suitable for new yogis and seasoned practitioners alike. Power yoga is designed to get you strong and flexible, build awareness, release stress, and guide you into a more meditative state of moving your body.

Instructor: Rachel or Sam

  • Restore+Flow: Flow into relaxation! Begin with movement to warm the body and complete with longer holds and deep stretches to restore and de-stress.

Instructor: Cassandra

  • Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga is a gentle and restorative form of yoga that is perfect for maintaining mobility while recuperating from an injury, or gaining the flexibility necessary for technical moves. This practice is more mentally challenging than physically demanding; seated and supine postures are held for anywhere between two to five minutes, which helps to alleviate soreness from training and creates lasting elasticity in the body’s connective tissues. The physiological benefits of this style of yoga are real: Yin provides a beautiful balance for those who work hard and play hard. All levels welcome.

Instructor: Brianna

  • Vinyasa: This invigorating and strengthening yoga practice works to give you the climbing advantage by improving your core strength, balance, and flexibility. An emphasis on fluid transition links the practitioner’s breath with the movement in their body through a new sequence every week that culminates with the release of deep stretching. Some yoga experience prior to taking this format is optimal but not necessary, as alternate expressions are given for various levels.

Instructor: Gavi