• Katelyn (she/her)

    The one thing Katelyn loves more than the outdoors is getting to know all the awesome people that make their way into Cliffs of Id. Born in Big Bear, she had the chance to experience... nature in every possible way (excluding climbing, ironically enough). She has a degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, but please don’t ask her to fix your pulleys or old injuries—that’s what doctors are for! She loves new adventures, new friends, and exploring new places. When she isn’t in the gym working, climbing, or on grand adventures she is out helping folks buy and sell their homes. Yes, you read it right — she’s a Realtor! If you ever see Katelyn in the gym, go ahead and stop by to say hi and have a positive conversation. She is always stoked to share stories, exchange perspectives, and answer any questions you may have (climbing and non-climbing related)!
  • Jordan (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Jordan is an adventurer in the truest sense. He is an ace crocodile hunter,  rock climber and cat dad, who hails from the wilds of Australian suburbia. His latest adventure may be the biggest test... for him yet, traveling to the bizarre netherworld that is Los Angeles, in search of excitement, treasure and new things to climb!
  • Nico (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Born and raised in Argentina, moved to Mexico City, afterward Stockholm Sweden, New York, and finally Los Angeles. Discovered and fell in love with rock climbing while in Mexico and took advantage of later living... in Europe to travel and climb in different countries. Pizza, beer, and cat lover living in the valley and training his core all day, every day, any time, anywhere. Come say hi, hola, or hej when you see him at the gym!