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Join us online for Touchstone Live Fitness classes.


Enjoy a yoga class in our beautiful studio. Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for years, you are sure to find a class to suit your needs. With styles ranging from ashtanga to vinyasa, our instructors keep the classes fresh and accessible to participants of all experience levels. Check out our calendar for details on daily classes. Mats and equipment are available at no charge, and you are welcome to bring your own.


Say goodbye to boring crunches! This is a great class to show you fun, new and challenging ways to work your core. Guess which part of your body will be sore the next day?


TRX is a high-intensity, fast-paced class that is both unique and fun. Using adjustable straps, you will use your own bodyweight to build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, tighten your core, and increase endurance. This class is so fun you won’t realize you’re getting a great workout.

Power Sculpt

Don’t be intimidated by Doris’s strong figure; she can get you just the right workout to help your body look and function like a Greek statue! (How’s that for a promise?) Her class will help you get into shape, whether you are looking to step up your climbing game, ride farther, run faster, or just look great in your skinny jeans.

Cardio Boxing

This fast-paced class will give you a great cardio workout, as well as strengthen your entire body through simple boxing moves. All levels are welcome, and light bag work and sparring for more advanced students is also available.

Training for Climbing (T4C)

Are you experiencing that familiar ache in your elbows? Chronic fatigue that pops back up every time you climb? Or are you just looking for an effective way to prevent injury? Climbing without supplemental exercises can create stress on your body due to muscular imbalances and overuse. T4C will help you keep your muscles, ligaments, and tendons in balance with one another, preventing repetitive stress injuries and ensuring long-term climbing fitness.

Core & More

Core & More is a variety of functional exercises to help you get grounded in your body. This class will teach you techniques that improve your balance while moving, your core while holding positions, and your ability to telegraph strength through your entire body. We often throw and catch frisbees to finish off the class, which is a great way to wind down and demonstrate the total-body effects of our routines!


Aikido is a defensive martial art known for using the offensive person’s action or energy against them. Roughly translated as “the way of the harmonious spirit,” our students will learn enhanced awareness of their own bodies and of the bodies around them, using each other’s momentum to harmlessly redirect attacks. All levels welcome.