COVID Gym Updates

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the roller coaster of the coronavirus pandemic. The information on this page may not be applicable at this time, please contact us if you have any questions.

As of September 6th, 2021 all gym visitors must show proof of vaccination to enter. Children 11 and under, who are ineligible to be vaccinated are exempt.

Please visit our COVID Update Page to get the most current information.

Strengthening Hybrid Flow

Shayna is your guide through this dynamic Hatha/Vinyasa class that incorporates breath work, and gentle warming movements to build strength, flexibility and relaxation. This is an outstanding complimentary class for climbers, with its focus on balance, flexibility and concentration.

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Touchstone Mountain Fitness

This class is specifically designed & programmed towards helping outdoor athletes succeed, no matter what sport/activity they’re passionate about. Need to build strength/power for your climbing projects? We got you covered. Looking to level up your endurance to conquer the trails/mountains? Look no further. Want to go on more adventures with less pain? We can help! Each workout is carefully designed in such a manner as to be completely scalable, making this all-levels class perfect for both novices and experienced athletes alike! Maximize your gym sessions by building strength, power, endurance, and mobility.

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Yoga Sculpt

This challenging yet fun class is set to a groovy playlist and incorporates free weights into a vinyasa flow. The class focuses on strengthening and sculpting your body through high rep movements, isometric holds, high-intensity cardio intervals, and plenty of core work. Suitable (read: equally challenging) for everyone, regardless of experience/skill level.

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