Whether you are trying climbing for the first time or still have a box of pitons tucked away in your attic, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a variety of climbing options, fitness classes, and community events to keep everyone busy.

Top Rope Climbing

Top rope climbing is a style of climbing in which the climbing rope passes through an anchor at the top of the climb and back down to the belayer. This is the most common and user-friendly type of climbing around, and is usually what people think of when they hear “rock climbing.” Top rope climbing requires a harness and belay device. (We also recommend climbing shoes for any climbing activity!) All the necessary gear can be rented from the front desk.

Anyone planning to belay in our gyms must pass our belay test. Belay tests are free to take and are offered throughout the day. Our gyms are not equipped with permanent grigris or auto belays, but not to worry—if you didn’t come with a partner, just let the front desk know and we’d be happy to find a new friend for you to climb with in the gym!

New to climbing?

If you’ve never climbed before, you should take our Intro to Climbing Class. In this one-hour class, you will learn the basic skills needed to start rope climbing: how to secure your harness, tie a figure 8 follow through knot, and complete your safety checks. You will also learn how to belay using an ATC belay device, catch a fall, and lower your climber back to the ground. After the class, use your newfound skills and climb until you can’t climb anymore!

  • This class is required for anyone who has not belayed before or who cannot pass our belay test without assistance.
  • All participants must be 14 or older to sign up for Intro to Climbing Class.
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Lead Climbing

Lead climbing is a style of climbing in which the climber (also called the leader) ties into the climbing rope on the ground without a pre-attached anchor point. The leader protects their fall by clipping the climbing rope to hanging draws as they move up the route. Falls are generally much longer than those taken on top rope. Lead climbing requires special expertise of both the leader and the belayer.

In order to lead climb in our gyms, you must pass our lead test and agree to follow our lead rules. You will need to provide your own rope (35m or longer) and a partner. All of our tests are given on routes 5.10b or harder. You may not have received any instruction on the day you take your test.

If you’d like to learn how to lead climb, we’ve got you covered: check out our sport climbing clinic tracks.

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Bouldering is a style of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. To boulder at our gym, all you need is a pair of climbing shoes! Please ask the front desk staff for a quick orientation if it will be your first time bouldering.

Loving the style and wanting to improve? Our bouldering clinics will get you crushing your projects in no time!

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World-class climbing may be our claim to fame, but we have incredible fitness classes, too! All fitness classes are included with a membership. Not a member yet? No problem: your day pass gives you full access to our fitness facilities. Some of our classes are very popular and may require prior registration, so booking ahead is always a good idea!

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Rock climbing is a great family activity, and we have routes suitable for all ages and abilities. Please note that our minimum age for belayers is 14 years old, and all children under the age of 14 must be supervised. Check out our +YOUTH tab on the drop-down menu above to find out more about teams, camps, and events.

If you just want to see your little one climb all the things but aren’t interested in climbing yourself, inquire about private lessons here.

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Got more questions?

Our FAQ may have the answers you’re looking for.

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