• Hans


    Hans has been climbing since 1983. He was the director of the US Competition Climbing Organization in the mid 1990s and loved motivating people to compete at climbing competitions.He’s excited to motivate people to get psyched about all kinds of fitness activity here at DRG. Go talk to him if you want to share or find a goal that would get you inspired. Hans has contributed at Touchstone gyms for 15 years with everything from sweeping floors, building walls, marketing, front desk staff, instruction, event organizing, belaying, and a few other things. He has been up El Capitan a few times. Go to him for beta.

  • Shannon

    Desk Staff

    Shannon started climbing in 2007 after she graduated from UC Santa Cruz. Bouldering is her passion, but she’s trying to get into leading more. If she isn’t at the gym, she’s probably swimming or riding her new dirt bike, Rufio. Shannon loves all outdoor activities, and trying new sports.

  • Fortune

    Desk Staff

    Don’t be fooled by that shy grin… Fortune is a stone cold crusher. If you want her respect you’ll have to hold a hand stand for at least 20 minutes.

  • Brynn

    Desk Staff

    You can typically find Brynn teaching Crossfit classes during the week and behind the front desk on weekends. Brynn is also a talented graphic artist and is behind some of the CoCo and DRG clothing and promotional items. When she’s not working, she’s either still doing crossfit, climbing a wall, or on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere. She loves the community here at Diablo Rock Gym and considers it her second home.

  • Connor

    Desk Staff

    Conner has grown up in Diablo Rock Gym – and we think we’ve raised him right.


  • Josh

    Desk Staff

    Josh started climbing in 2011, and he can’t get enough.  He’s always at the gym so if you have questions, need beta, or you just want a belay please feel free to ask. What a guy!