DogPatch Boulders: New Touchstone Gym

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For the past few years, the Touchstone gyms have been looking to increase the bouldering terrain of Mission Cliffs. As planning progressed, we discovered a need for something bigger to bring truly innovative bouldering to San Francisco.

We are pleased to announce plans to build DogPatch Boulders a new bouldering gym in San Francisco.

We are in the process of obtaining permits and finalizing plans to build a 17,400 sq ft bouldering only gym on 3rd street & 22nd in the Dogpatch neighborhood, located on the flats east of Potrero Hill. This new Touchstone gym will be one of the largest boudering only facilities in the country.  The plans include 17 foot highballs, 12 ft top out boulders, and 13,000 square feet of dedicated bouldering.  DogPatch will be not only a world class training area, but it will also include a kids’ structure, and amazing terrain.

The DogPatch Boulders will be a bouldering annex to Mission Cliffs so the plans for MC have changed.  The modified Mission Cliffs expansion plans includes a number of new rope routes, adjustable cracks, and an enlarged fitness area.

The plans are still a work in progress and some aspects may be changed.  Stay tuned for more details.