Futures Explored at Sacramento Pipeworks

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Pipeworks recently partnered with a group whose aim is to provide life skills and work-related training to adults with developmental disabilities. The organization is called Futures Explored.

“We work with people with developmental disabilities,” said instructor Terry Corey. “One of the biggest barriers I have seen in my 25+ years of working with this population is the feeling of being defeated before they try an activity or a new skill. Being able to climb is something that has instilled a sense of accomplishment and confidence in our group. They feel like, ‘Wow if I can climb a wall, I can learn this new skill.’ Basically, success breeds success and when the participants in our group can conquer their fear of heights, or teach their bodies to climb a wall, it gives them experience on which to draw for the next challenge that comes their way.”

Sacramento Pipeworks

Corey mentioned one person in her group that particularly stood out to her. “Gerald came to our program not wanting to participate in many things. But then he went to Pipeworks and learned to climb. This became the gateway to getting him involved in different aspects of our program. Gerald came back telling everyone that it had been the best day of his life. That confidence and leadership ability he gained while rock climbing transferred to the work was able to do in our program.”

“Thank you Sacramento Pipeworks for giving our group a chance to believe in themselves, and then utilize that confidence in other arenas of their lives. Being able to come and climb has made a real difference in the lives of many people in our program.”

We’re so glad to be able to share our love of climbing with everyone who walks in our door!