Grip Competition at DRG

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Friday night at Diablo Rock Gym, a dozen people headed over to the weight section of the gym and had the first Bay Area Grip Competition. 


Grip 2


The competition comprised of four different activities; grippers, two hand pinch, apollon’s axle deadlift, and a overall strength test.Contestants had four tries to close the hardest gripper they could.  The two hand pinch involved lifting the most weight on a decive.  This focused on contestant’s thumb strength.  The apollon’s axle deadlift required a deadlift on a solid 2″ bar for the most weight out of four tries.  The overall strength test required 38 different excercises that tested many aspects of hand and lower arm strength.  From pinch lifts, nail bending, card tearing, to sledge slevering the competitior had 4 minutes to complete the most items before time ran out.





The idea to run a grip competition came from grip master Daniel Reinard, who has flown to Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and across the nation to compete in the sport. As a result of the comp, two new people qualified for a chance to go to the National Grip Championship.



The competitors expressed a strong interest in having another grip competition in September. The tropies and prizes were a solid incentive for everyone to train harder and get stronger for the next comp.


Stay tuned for the next grip competition!