Heidi Wirtz

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Professional climber ad adventurer,Heidi Wirtz is coming to the bay area next week to talk about some of her epic trips, 

Heidi’s love for adventure and exploration has been the driving force behind her climbing accomplishments. She enjoys all types of climbing, finding herself high on giant rock walls and frozen waterfalls throughout the world. She has been climbing in the U.S. as well as Nepal, Morocco, Jordan, Siberia, Tasmania, Czech Republic, Easter Europe, Pakistan, South America and Canada, where she has pioneered new routes up unclimbed big walls and mountains and pushed the limits of female exploration. Heidi is known for her bold and technical climbing as well as for her speed ascents in Yosemite Valley. She is also well known for her philanthropic work as well as for her passion for yoga. She is co-founder of Girls Education International, an organization that helps bring education to women and girls in underserved areas throughout the world, and hopes to continue to work with people in need and to help inspire and empower people of all walks to find a deeper awareness and to follow their heart.” Join Touchstone Climbing and The North Face in
welcoming Heidi Wirtz, The North Face athlete and
philanthropist, as she takes you on a journey of exploration and
adventure into exotic and remote regions of the world.
Through a collage of beautiful pictures, video, music and
stories you are transported from the amazing sheer cliffs of
Wadi Rum, Jordan to the glaciated mountains of the Bugaboos,
along the remote sea cliffs of Tasmania, to the awesome towers
of Eastern Europe as well as the beautiful peaks and valleys of
Pakistan. Inquire at the front desk for more information!