All classes are first-come-first-serve, please allow time to park and check in so that you can secure a spot in class.


Align with Yoga w/ Kai
A 60-minute Hatha-style class that focuses on aligning the body using slow flows to simultaneously build strength and increase flexibility.

Basics Hatha Yoga W/ Sam
This class focuses on learning the fundamentals of the hatha yoga practice. Each week we move through a new sequence of poses that support us in getting established and comfortable with our breath, bodies, yogic wisdom, and asanas (poses). Together we’ll learn basic universal alignment principles and cultivate a higher sense of body awareness, strength, and flexibility of mind, body, and spirit which we can take with us off the mat!

All Levels Hatha Yoga W/ Sam
“All Levels” means there is a little something for just about everyone! Each week we learn a new yogic concept woven together with a specific sequence of poses that invite us to tune inward while trying new things and progressively stepping out of our comfort zone. Align, center, and balance with your community!

*Taking the Basics Yoga class is helpful, but not required! Everyone is welcome to practice and modify as needed or desired*

Monday Med(itation) w/ Sam
Every Monday night immediately following All Levels Hatha Yoga you’ll be eased and guided into meditation using different techniques that assist us in turning inward. Meditation is an incredibly powerful practice known to support us in sharpening our mental focus, restoring balance within the body, decreasing stress, and boosting creativity! No experience with meditation is required!

Power Flow w/ Raquel
Vinyasa flow with a focus on breath and alignment. A balance of strength building and progressive movement.

Flow and Restore w/ Raquel
Half feel-good flow, half feel-good rest. Great for a reset or recovery.

Mindful Yoga W/ Sprout
The flow is intentional being a moving meditation. Combining various lineages of mindfulness with Hatha yoga. A slow flow class that is great for all levels of experience.

Vin/Yin w/ Zoe
Blend strong Yang Vinyasa flow yoga with the receptive Yin practice. Bring together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with dynamic sequencing and standing postures. All levels are welcome. Class will start with more relaxing and restorative positions then will build some heat to the peak poses with a lovely cool down at the end.

Mixed-Level Flow w/ Zoe
All-level vinyasa class with emphasis on breath-to-movement sequencing. This class offers variations and modifications of poses so everyone can practice at their own level. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

All Levels w/ Demi
A 60-minute yoga class that is suitable for all levels. This class incorporates static and dynamic movement that balances breath, strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and relaxation.

Acroyoga (all levels) w/ Robin & Jonno
Acroyoga is a movement practice that teaches students how to play, connect, and lift others up (literally and figuratively). This practice combines the fitness and energy of acrobatics and the balance and connection of yoga. We work and play in groups, however, no partner is required. Come as you are. No prior experience necessary.
This practice is designed to reach all people—no matter your age, size, skill, or fitness level.
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Ultimate Yoga w/ Keric
Static and dynamic. Technical and burly. Fun and challenging. Poses, actions, and movements intended to increase strength, flexibility, and mobility for climbers and other athletes. This might be the hardest yoga class you ever take. Be prepared to laugh, sweat, and get your butt kicked.

Gentle Yoga w/ Patrick
Take a second to slow down and focus on unwinding in this hour-long class. Utilizing a variety of props, learn ways to relieve tension and find more space in the body. Expect to feel a greater sense of relaxation, and come away with a better understanding of yourself.


Cardio Core w/ Medvis
Make cardio fun by utilizing creative movement patterns and strengthen your core with partner-based resistance exercises. Modifiable for all fitness levels.

Weightlifting Basics w/ Salem
A beginning weightlifting class open to all levels of weightlifting ability. This 1-hour long class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of weightlifting as they pertain to strength and conditioning. You will be working with a barbell and learning major foundational movements such as the back squat, deadlift, and much more!

H.I.I.T Workout Class w/ Salem
A High Intensity Workout Class that follows a circuit-style format. This 1-hour long class is designed to expose you to many different movements, teach you how to move well, and work up a good sweat in the process!