• Anusara Basics: Flow through a new sequence of poses every week specifically designed to get you comfortable on the yoga mat. This basic Anusara class aims to help you build your practice from the ground up by teaching proper alignment, pranayama breath work, building strength and flexibility, and a comprehensive understanding of all the necessary actions that will help everybody feel comfortable in every pose.

Instructor: Sam F

  • Anusara All Levels: This class will offer you a new sequence each week filled with inspired and creative themes to help strengthen and stretch the body, mind, and spirit. We work together on our own mats and sometimes as a class to build a sense of community while practicing. In each class, you can expect a well-rounded physical experience where we focus on becoming more balanced and fully aware of our own bodies so we can continue to push our limits.

Instructor: Sam F

  • Vinyasa: Molly’s Vinyasa Flow classes are designed to enhance your endurance, strength, and flexibility. You’ll explore your edge and cultivate a sense of playfulness in your practice, and will leave feeling calm and refreshed. Appropriate for all levels.

Instructor: Molly

  • Vinyasa for Climbers: Start the day with an energizing flow class designed specifically for climbers. Rebecca will lead you through energizing and playful sequences that will strengthen and lengthen your muscles—especially the ones you use for bouldering! Appropriate for all levels.

Instructor: Rebecca


Acro yoga is a physical practice which combines acrobatics, yoga, and healing arts. The experience of this practice instantly dissolves fears and invites practitioners to tap into new and infinite possibilities of communication, trust, and union. If you’re curious, try it! All levels welcome. No partner or experience necessary.

Instructors: Audrey + Allen

Barbell Training

Improve overall strength, conditioning, and body composition with a well-structured and engaging barbell program that teaches you to lift safely with proper mechanics. You’ll be squatting, pressing, and deadlifting more than you ever thought you could!

Instructor: Darian

HIIT Class

Get ready to get sweaty and train like a true athlete. This class pulls inspiration from Strongman, Olympic lifting, obstacle course training, movement practice, and beyond. You’ll learn new skills, get super strong, and have tons of fun!

Instructor: Darian


This class is designed as a well-balanced sequence of movements that will break down basic yoga postures to ensure you are moving safely while building strength & restoratively stretching. The focus is on alignment and moving with grace, stability, and awareness, bringing balance from the breath to the mind. Suitable for all levels.

Instructor: Marco

Intro to Muay Thai

This class will develop a practical and functional foundation for anyone interested in martial arts. Drawing primarily from the training techniques of Thai Boxing, we’ll cover everything from traditional Muay Thai footwork and mobility to striking and evasion. Each class will feature dynamic warm-ups and exercises designed to simultaneously improve form while increasing overall strength and conditioning.

Instructor: Riley