All classes are first-come-first-serve, please allow time to park and check-in so that you can secure a spot in class.


Rise and Stretch w/ Kai
In this 60 minute class, we’ll focus on awakening the muscles, moving the joints, and getting the day started with functional mobility flows and exercises.

Align with Yoga w/ Kai
A 60-minute Hatha-style class that focuses on aligning the body using slow flows to simultaneously build strength and increase flexibility.

Basics Hatha Yoga W/ Sam
This class focuses on learning the fundamentals of the hatha yoga practice. Each week we move through a new sequence of poses that support us in getting established and comfortable with our breath, bodies, yogic wisdom, and asanas (poses). Together we’ll learn basic universal alignment principles and cultivate a higher sense of body awareness, strength, and flexibility of mind, body, and spirit which we can take with us off the mat!

All Levels Hatha Yoga W/ Sam
“All Levels” means there is a little something for just about everyone! Each week we learn a new yogic concept woven together with a specific sequence of poses that invite us to tune inward while trying new things and progressively stepping out of our comfort zone. Align, center, and balance with your community!

*Taking the Basics Yoga class is helpful, but not required! Everyone is welcome to practice and modify as needed or desired*

Monday Med(itation) w/ Sam
Every Monday night immediately following All Levels Hatha Yoga you’ll be eased and guided into meditation using different techniques that assist us in turning inward. Meditation is an incredibly powerful practice known to support us in sharpening our mental focus, restoring balance within the body, decreasing stress, and boosting creativity! No experience with meditation is required!

Power Flow w/ Raquel
Vinyasa flow with a focus on breath and alignment. A balance of strength building and progressive movement.

Flow and Restore w/ Raquel
Half feel-good flow, half feel-good rest. Great for a reset or recovery.

Yoga Solutions w/ Keric
Got climbing problems? Yoga offers potential solutions, including flexibility, balance, core stability, mental focus, and body awareness. This challenging class may help you to hone the necessary skills to finish your next project. All levels of experience are welcome. Please be willing to work hard and play hard!


H.I.I.T Class w/ Keisha
High Intensity Interval Training is a full-body workout with intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Along with bodyweight and Plyometric moves this class will incorporate moves and exercises inspired by Circus Arts, Movement Practice, Krav Maga, Strength Training, and KettleBell Training then we will close out the session with a shoulder and hip opening conditioning drill.

Core Work w/ Keisha
Build strength, stability, and endurance in your core muscles, improve balance, and fire those glutes. All levels are welcome, progressions and modifications will be offered to match each level. This class pulls inspiration from Personal Training, Circus Arts and Gymnastics. We will focus on targeting the core while mixing in some glute work, balance training, and mobility.