CA Reopening

We are preparing to reopen parts of our gym as quickly as we can. We will update our website as information comes available. The information on this page may not be applicable at this time. Please go to our Gym Update Page to get the most current info about your favorite climbing gyms.

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Acro FUNdamentals

Acro yoga is a physical practice that combines acrobatics, yoga, and healing arts. The experience of this practice instantly dissolves fears and invites practitioners to tap into new and infinite possibles of communication, trust, and union.

Instructors: Aubrey + Rob

Align with Yoga

With an emphasis on alignment, students will build strength and flexibility simultaneously, using yoga postures and methods. (M, T+W)

Instructor: Kai

All-Level’s Yoga

Yoga for Climbers is a unique class that integrates the tools and wisdom of the yoga practice with key climbing inspired movements and integral strength + mobility exercises. Prepare to connect to the whole body and feel warm, limber, and strong. And ready to climb! This is a great class to learn and get a thorough off-the-wall climbing warm-up, warm down or simply to get moving (perfect for active recovery day!). We take our physical wellness seriously but play & connect with each other while we move. And then you can take what we do into your own climbing routine! (W)

Instructor: Patrick


Whatever side of the bed you woke up on, you’ll start fresh and ready to take on the day. (F)

Instructor: E.J.

Anusara – Mixed Levels

Expect to leave feeling stronger, more open, nourished, energized, and whole after this mixed-level alignment-based (Anusara) class. Each week with a new theme or intention will guide the sequence as we build up to a peak pose. Not recommended for those new to yoga. (Sun)

Instructor: E.J.

Anusara – Intermediate

This class will offer you a new sequence each week filled with inspired and creative themes to help strengthen and stretch the body, mind, and spirit. (M, F)

Instructor: Sam F.

Barbell Fundamentals

A foundational strength and conditioning class focused on mobility, creating proper movement patterns and form as you prepare your body to squat, press and deadlift your way to a stronger you! (T+Th)

Instructor: Mike

Barbell Training

Improve overall strength, conditioning, and body composition with a well structured and engaging barbell program that teaches you to lift safely with proper mechanics. You’ll be squatting, pressing, and deadlifting more than you ever thought you could!
(M, W+F)

Instructor: Mike

Boxing 101

Step into the ring with Sammy “The Russian Concussion” Horowitz and learn proper punching techniques, how to wrap your hands and warm-up routines with a jump rope. (Sat)

Instructor: Sammy


Meditation is a practice proven to decrease stress, increase creativity, and over time give us a simple way to slow down our usually fast-paced lives. And it’s the only scientifically proven activity that can repair grey matter in the brain! Whoa. (Mon)

Instructor: Sam

Core for Climbers

A 45 minute class focusing on unilateral movement and isometric holds with an emphasis on generating and transferring power from the core to extremities, while stabilizing and strengthening joints at the same time. Open to all skill levels, the class will utilize members’ own body weight and floor sliders to have your strength and stability climbing to new heights in no time! (Thurs)

Instructor: Mike

Elevate and Flow

Alignment focused and breath-based, come ready to jam to this week’s playlist, build to a peak pose, and end with a meditative savanna. (W)

Instructor: Anna


Get ready and sweaty and train like a true athlete. This class pulls inspiration from Strongman, Olympic lifting, obstacle course training, movement practice, and beyond. (F)

Instructor: Mike

Infinite Movement

A class influenced by the Ido Portal Method that combines elements from dance, gymnastics, yoga, and martial arts to create more mobility, strength, and overall coordination in the body. Come with an open mind and be ready to explore your body in new ways. All levels are welcome! (T)

Instructor: Ali

Kettle Bell Conditioning

If you want to get in amazing shape kettlebell training is for you. By using kettlebells, you combine resistance training with cardio for a full-body workout. (T+Th)

Instructor: Mike

Mobile Vinyasa

This style of yoga incorporates traditional aspects of a vinyasa class with strength, mobility, free movement, and creative transitioning to help create deeper brain and body awareness. This class is great for anyone who is rehabbing post-op or is coming back from a sports-related injury. Mobile Vinyasa will aim to help students reach a fuller range of motion through joints, increase active mobility, and feel emotionally and cognitively strong. Expect class to be well-rounded with fun transitions and funky peak poses while staying true to its roots by incorporating pranayama (breathing techniques) and Eastern Dharma. (M)

Instructor: Naomi

MMA Techniques

This class provides a structured environment to explore the many fields of Mixed Martial Arts. The main focus is a breakdown of the fundamentals of Muay Thai striking, blocking, and combinations. We work with rotations of techniques that include Jiu Jitsu grappling and submissions. Increase coordination, flexibility, and give a boost to your overall cardio while increasing your knowledge of missed martial arts in this power hour conditioning class. (Th)

Instructor: Christian

Off the Wall: Yoga for Climbers

Yoga for climbers is a unique class that integrates the tools and wisdom of the yoga practice with key climbing inspired movements and exercises. Prepare to engage your entire body efficiently to get on the wall warm, awake, and strong. (Th)

Instructor: Sam


For 70 years Pilates has proven itself to be a superior method of cross-training for athletes by improving core strength, balance, flexibility, form, and coordination. (T)

Instructor: Amanda

Power Vinyasa

An interactive exploration of alignment and flexibility in fundamental yoga postures, with an emphasis on building strength through safe transitions. (Th)

Instructor: Taylor


This class will offer you a new sequence each week filled with inspired and creative themes to help strengthen and stretch the body, mind, and spirit. (W)

Instructor: Sam F.

Vinyasa Flow

Molly’s Vinyasa Flow classes are designed to enhance your endurance, strength, and flexibility. (Sat)

Instructor: Molly

Vinyasa Flow – All Levels

This yoga class will energize your body and bring awareness to your mind. It is designed to challenge you as much as you’ll allow, offering modification and advancements. All levels welcome. (Sun)

Instructor: Naomi

Yin Yoga w/ Erin

Yin is a deep-stretch style of yoga that works into your connective tissue – joints, tendons, ligaments, and fascia – to unlock your greatest range of motion while relaxing your body and mind. (F)

Instructor: Erin

Yin Yoga w/ Demi

A slow-paced, gentle and restorative class using long-held postures to relax the body and the mind.
The slowing down and opening up of the body allow you time to relax and restore, the long holds allow the muscles to relax deeply and still the mind. The focus on breath can bring you into a meditative state. A good complement to more active or yang style of practice and climbing as you can gain the flexibility needed for technical moves. (S)

Instructor: Demi

Yoga Flow

A yoga flow class suitable for all levels. Mindful movement focusing on breath. Build heat, strength, stamina, and flexibility in a flowing sequence linking poses with breath, while cultivating calmness through mental clarity. Stability as a foundation for strength and power. (S)

Instructor: Demi