COVID-19 Updates

The ongoing pandemic means lots of (temporary) changes! Some of the information on this page may not be applicable at this time. Please go to our COVID-19 Update page to get the most current info about your favorite climbing gyms.


Amenities Description
Bouldering 11,000 sq ft of world-class bouldering
Fitness Classes Yoga, bootcamp, MMA, boxing & more
Training Apparatuses Campus board, 30 degree woody & hangboards: Rock Prodigy, Beastmaker 2000 & the Moon Hangboard
Weight Equipment Free weights, kettlebells & Oly lifting
Cardio Equipment Treadmills, ellipticals, battle rope, rowers & stair climbers
Pro Shop Your one-stop shop for climbing shoes, gear & apparel
Other Amenities Lockers, saunas, showers & free towel service