• Molly

    Yoga Instructor

    Molly’s Vinyasa Flow classes are designed to enhance your endurance, strength, and flexibility. You’ll explore your edge and cultivate a sense of playfulness in your practice, then leave feeling calm and refreshed. Appropriate for all levels.

  • Marco

    Yoga Instructor

    Born & bred as a Los Angeles native, he embodies the aura of the city through his creative vibrations. Since an early age, he was fascinated with art & movement immersing himself into break dancing & mixed martial arts where he earned accolades as an accomplished international competitor. Through his exploration of movement arts he unraveled a universe of unforeseen physical and mental parallel concepts through the art of yoga. After deepening his practice at “Yoga At The Raven” studio he became inspired by his master teacher, Tony G, to become an instructor. With his relentless dedication as a meticulous designer, he radiates good vibes through his creativity, playful personality, and mindful inspiration. Marco’s enlightenment is to set up his student for success, and unravel unforeseen strengths of the student’s internal retrospect.

  • Audrey

    AcroYoga Instructor

    Audrey did her 200hr teacher training in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, she started teaching right away and went back for her 300hr in Vinyasa Flow a few years later. She then branched off and is also a certified Yoga Tune-Up, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Sculptworks teacher, Spinning Instructor and AcroYogaFit trainer! In short, her classes are a careful guidance to self-study, she points you in the right direction and leaves it to you to walk the path of self-exploration in a fun and interactive way. Audrey enjoys being barefoot, street art, good coffee and large quantities of great quality chocolates.

  • Sam

    Yoga Instructor

    Sam is an L.A. native with the nature of a wanderlust. When she’s not traveling, camping or weaving her way through a crowd at some local concert or music festival, you can probably find her sitting somewhere crying about how beautiful the sunset is with a smile on her face.  Sam is a lover of life, food, beer and the outdoors mixed with adventure, people, and furry animals. She is also extremely passionate about yoga and it’s ability to increase not only our physical strength and flexibility but also its ability to deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Coming from an athletic background she focuses heavily on alignment while offering a space for every student to co-participate in both the flow of the class and their own breath & movement. Sam has been practicing yoga for 12 years, teaching since 2010, and has 2 teacher trainings under her belt. Since she began bouldering in 2006 she’s always felt inspired to bring yoga to the climbing community and couldn’t be more psyched to be teaching at Hollywood Boulders.

  • Riley

    Riley is a native of Seattle, where he studied under Khun Kru Tirrell Kamara of United Source Muay Thai (one of the few Thai Boxing Association-sanctioned schools in the greater NW) for over six years. Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2014, Riley has had the unique privilege of studying with some of the greatest martial arts masters of our time, including Grandmaster Richard Bustillo of the IMB Academy in Torrance and Martin Wheeler of the Systema/Brazilian Jujitsu Academy in Beverly Hills. Riley’s background in various disciplines of self defense and martial arts as well as his love for performance art and movement give each a class a unique feel, suitable for all levels.

  • E.J.

    Yoga has given E.J. the mental strength to maintain her sanity during life’s obstacles and the physical strength to think that she can beat anyone in an arm wrestling match. While she initially sought out yoga as a way to reduce stress, what she found was whole-body wellness and a community she didn’t know she was looking for. Although E.J. is new to climbing she was instantly hooked, the two practices complement each other beautifully. Her objective as a teacher is to guide her students into feeling at home with themselves. Trained in the Anusara method under the guidance of Keric Morinaga, every E.J. class consists of precise alignment instructions, creative sequencing always leading from the heart, and between 2 to 37 references to ice cream.

  • Amanda

    Cultivated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, blossomed in NYC, and transplanted in LA. Amanda has spent her entire life frolicking between mountain tops, bombing down hills, punching through whitewater, and navigating treacherous urban sprawl. She is a certified Pilates Instructor (BASI Pilates), professional dancer, and body nerd. She got her first taste of Pilates as a form of rehab after a chronic back injury took her away from her dance career. Through a regimented Pilates training program, she was not only able to return to her life as an athlete and dancer, but she came back stronger than ever before. She believes that Pilates is for everyone, and is excited to bring her passion for it to the Touchstone community. With climbing bodies in mind, her class will help build a stronger, more balanced body from the inside out, deepen awareness and connection to ourselves, and has a lasting impact beyond the gym walls.

  • Claudia

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Claudia (Kai) started her yoga journey in 2012 in Silverlake. With a personal training background, she decided to take the fork on the path to pursue yoga and become a teacher. She found herself taking a 200-hour teacher training with Tony Giuliano in 2013, then a 300-hour teacher training with Noah Mazé. It was there she fell deeply in love with her practice and sharing it. Since being introduced to bouldering, Kai has found a new and fun way to move. With an emphasis on alignment, Kai guides her students into a practice where they can move safely, building strength and flexibility simultaneously.

  • Phoebe

    Phoebe Schiff is a certified Anusara yoga teacher and the founder of Kula Marketing. Driven by the desire to empower people to act with intention in their businesses and on their mats, she loves the parallel processes of brand-building and introspection and believes that to build a truly intentional business, as well as a strong yoga practice, we all must dive deeply within.

  • Erin

    Yoga Instructor

    Erin is an L.A. native who has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching yoga for 7. Feeling tight? Erin will guide you through Yin, a deep-stretch style of yoga that works into your connective tissue—joints, tendons, ligaments, and fascia—to unlock your greatest range of motion while relaxing your body and mind.

  • Sammy

    Boxing Instructor

    Originally from Chicago, Sammy is a professional boxer with 13 fights in the Light-Heavyweight division, has fought all over the country, and has been a stuntman in Hollywood specializing in fights. Not a fan of “cardio boxing,” Sammy’s classes and workshops are designed to teach the true principles of “The Sweet Science” to students of all experience levels, where you will learn actual skills and develop yourself as a boxer.