• Sam (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor
    Sam is an L.A. native with the nature of a wanderlust. When she’s not traveling, camping or weaving her way through a crowd at some local concert or music festival, you can probably find her sitting somewhere crying about how... beautiful the sunset is with a smile on her face.  Sam is a lover of life, food, beer and the outdoors mixed with adventure, people, and furry animals. She is also extremely passionate about yoga and it’s ability to increase not only our physical strength and flexibility but also its ability to deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Coming from an athletic background she focuses heavily on alignment while offering a space for every student to co-participate in both the flow of the class and their own breath & movement. Sam has been practicing yoga for 12 years, teaching since 2010, and has 2 teacher trainings under her belt. Since she began bouldering in 2006 she’s always felt inspired to bring yoga to the climbing community and couldn’t be more psyched to be teaching at Hollywood Boulders.
  • Claudia (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor
    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Claudia (Kai) started her yoga journey in 2012 in Silverlake. With a personal training background, she decided to take the fork on the path to pursue yoga and become a teacher. She found herself... taking a 200-hour teacher training with Tony Giuliano in 2013, then a 300-hour teacher training with Noah Mazé. It was there she fell deeply in love with her practice and sharing it. Since being introduced to bouldering, Kai has found a new and fun way to move. With an emphasis on alignment, Kai guides her students into a practice where they can move safely, building strength and flexibility simultaneously.
  • Sammy (he/him)

    Boxing Instructor
    Originally from Chicago, Sammy Horowitz is a former professional boxer who has fought all over the country. He now works primarily as a stuntman in Hollywood specializing in action and fights. Not a fan of “cardio boxing,” Sammy’s classes and workshops... teach the true principles of “The Sweet Science” to students of all experience levels, where you will learn actual skills and develop yourself as a boxer.
  • Patrick

    Yoga Instructor
    Coming from a climbing background, Patrick began seriously practicing yoga in 2016 after an injury left him with recurring back pain. He jumped around in various styles of yoga before finding Anusara, which immediately clicked. After practicing for a year... and a half he decided to take a teacher training and began teaching shortly after. His teaching style is a blend of alignment, flow, and restorative elements to deepen students’ understanding of why we do certain positions and to leave them feeling more relaxed. When he’s not teaching yoga, you can find him climbing on the wall, baking in his oven, or on the floor at a dance club.
  • Christian aka Mayo (he/him)

    MMA Instructor
    Christian Elijah Mayo is a Stunt Player, Assistant Director, and Parkour Program Director. He was born in Long Beach, raised in Los Angeles, and studied business at SDSU. He began training in the martial arts at age 6 and has... been exploring muay Thai, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu his entire life. Mayo now enjoys climbing, archery, parkour, float tanks, flow states, and BJJ.