• Gail Hotten

    Personal Trainer, Cycling, Total Body Fitness Instructor

    Gail is passionate about fitness and also about working with people. She combined these two passions when she became an instructor at Berkeley Ironworks 4 year ago. Starting as a spin instructor, Gail found that she loves to teach and motivate others, then watch people’s fitness and technique improve. Her love for teaching spin led to teaching bootcamp classes and becoming an NASM CPT. She loves a good challenging and fun workout. She believes that fun comes from being challenged, training weaknesses and watching them become strengths. Gail promotes a balanced, active lifestyle and has a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

  • Pat Ross

    Deep Core and Indoor Cycling Instructor

    Climbers have repeatedly said that one month of the Deep Core Class has greatly improved their climbing. The Deep Core class is greatly influenced by Pat’s renowned yoga teachers, among whom are Janet Stone, Les Leventhal, Tim Floreen, and Mark Morford. Pat currently has undergone the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Janet Stone, and has plans to move on to the 500 Hour program. As for her cycling classes, Pat takes her outdoor cycling workouts, puts them to music, and brings them indoors making for a highly motivating session. Pat’s cycling history includes the double centuries The Terrible Two (2 times first female finisher) and The Death Valley Double (first female finisher), and racing in the Pro 1/2 racing category for Touchstone Women’s Elite Team.

  • Mark Trotz

    Indoor Cycling Instructor

    Mark has been an avid cyclist for 30 years. He currently spends more time running trails than in the saddle, but still loves the bike and he considers Touchstone Indoor Cycling  to be one the best workouts around.  When he isn’t teaching indoor cycling, he is developing supportive housing for homeless people in San Francisco.

  • Gabrielle Morris

    Indoor Cycle Instructor

    Gabrielle has been a loyal member of BIW since the day it opened in May 2000. She became a certified spin instructor, began teaching at BIW in 2005 and has loved it ever since. In her spare time, Gabrielle enjoys trail running up in the Sierras with her dogs as well as going mountain/road biking.

  • Wendy Georges

    Indoor Cycling Instructor

    Wendy has been a part of the spinning craze since 1996, almost since its inception. Now these many years later, the BIW program continues to thrive and she continues to teach. Her approach is modeled on best training practices for runners and cyclists. Throughout her years of teaching, she has always remained a steady runner. Wendy also took up outdoor cycling and completed many centuries, double centuries, Brevets and multi-day cycling trips. Her goals for the future center mainly on running long races, but she believes there remains no better way to cross train than to spin.

  • Victor Damian

    Boxing Instructor

    Victor is your east coast raised, east bay living, San Francisco working, youth coordinating, boxing instructing kind of guy. If you add a dash of eskrima, a pinch of poetry, two teaspoons of tall tales, and one full cup of fun, you might find him wrapping your hands getting you ready for boxing class.  Otherwise, you might see him lane splitting across the bay bridge, climbing at the same place you love to climb, or hiking in that place you love to hike.

  • Kristin Rios

    Bootcamp Instructor & Personal Trainer

    Kristin has a strong athletic background that includes being a lifelong skier turned snowboarder, and competitive tennis and softball player. She developed an affinity for fitness at a young age, doing step-up power aerobics with her dad in the living room. This turned into a passion for seeking out and creating unique, challenging and fun exercise alternatives. She kicks butt in her powerful little 5’3” package, just ask any of her three brothers!

    Kristin now kicks butt for a living. She makes sure that getting a tough workout doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Coaching classes and training clients is her passion, and she loves making a positive impact on people’s lives. Kristin is a dedicated motivator whose rapport with her clients leads to real friendship.

  • Baxter Bell

    Yoga Instructor

    Baxter Bell, MD, RYT500 has been a part of the Ironworks Yoga staff since almost it’s inception.  He leads an alignment focused practice that is influenced by such teachers as Rodney Yee, Erich Schiffman, TKV Desikachar and BKS Iyengar. Not only will you “do” yoga, but you will learn about yoga as well.  All levels are welcome.

  • Ron Avitzur

    Yoga Instructor

    Ron began my yoga practice in 1995. He trained as a traditional yoga teacher with the Piedmont Advanced Studies Program in 2009, as a slackline yoga teacher with Yoga Slackers in 2011, and as an acrobatic yoga teacher in 2012. He likes to bring elements of yoga into all movement. Ron’s classes focus on conditioning to build strength, flexibility and balance in a shared practice working in groups. After decades as a sedentary computer programmer, he enjoys the balance that comes with yoga, slacklining, and acro.

  • Elizabeth Nemeroff

    Yoga Instructor

    Liz has been a student of yoga since 1997, and received her teaching certification from Integral Yoga Institute in February of 2003. She teaches an accessible, yet sometimes challenging, form of Hatha yoga, appropriate for beginners and those looking to slow down and go deeper. In her classes there is an emphasis on breathing and unwinding, while also building strength and flexibility. She encourages each person to move at the pace of their own slow, deep breath. (This is different from the quicker vinyasa styles, where the breath is intentionally sped up to build heat). Her students tell her they appreciate her clear and precise instructions and ability to convey the teachings of Hatha yoga with humor and kindness.

  • Potouli Kalofonos

    Yoga Instructor

    Potouli Kalofonos (PK) took his first yoga class following a snowboarding injury. His initial relationship with yoga was focused solely on mending. So he initially loved yoga because it allowed him to keep riding and climbing. After 4 years of dedicated practice, he eventually attended the Yoga to the People 200-hour teacher certification. From there, he started a daily Ashtanga yoga practice with Asta Yoga in San Francisco. Ashtanga yoga brought him in touch with the power of our breath, a source of not just healing and peace, but strength. In 2013 he attended the 50-hour rocket certification at Asta Yoga.

    PK’s personal practice includes Rocket Yoga and meditation 5 days a week.

    PK’s hope is for the practice to teach us to live in our own body with broader awareness and ease while exploring the untapped potential therein.

  • Bridget Frederick

    Yoga Instructor

    Bridget strives to make yoga accessible to anyone who is interested in finding the relief, strength or stillness that yoga can offer. With a focus on anatomy, core strength and deep tissue work, there’s always a new direction and challenge. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or a well-practiced regular, you’ll emerge feeling stretched out and stronger than when you came in.

  • Marlene

    Yoga Instructor

    Marlene loves yoga and is on a mission to reveal its magic to as many people as possible. She strives to create an environment in which students brush up against their perceived physical limitations and learn to breathe past them. In 2003, Marlene was in a serious accident in which some of the muscles around her spine were severed. Thankfully there was no lasting physical damage but the accident left behind fear and rigid tension. For six years any physical activity was a challenge. Then she discovered yoga.  Through this ancient practice she healed her body from the inside out.  Not a day goes by that she is not grateful for the joy of being at home in her body. Her goal is to pass this feeling on to her students. Marlene teaches a dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequence, in which she offers modifications and variations to challenge her students, wherever they are.

  • Kellyn Foxman

    Yoga Instructor

    Kellyn teaches a powerful vinyasa flow class, heavily influenced by principles of mindfulness and her daily meditation practice. With an appetite for exploring edges, Kellyn uses her seven years of vinyasa practice to guide her challenging sequencing while revealing the importance of breath in our daily lives away from the mat.

    Her highest aspiration as a teacher is to light a small fire in her student’s curiosity for their own abilities of awareness, insight, and strength. She teaches multiple public yoga classes weekly while maintaining a healthy one-on-one private instruction practice.

    Her influences include the mindfulness teachings of Pema Chödrön, Buddhism, and lots of dance. She recently returned to the Bay after living in Northern Thailand for 6 months teaching and learning Thai massage and its intersection with acro yoga. She plans on teaching, and learning, for the rest of her life.

  • William

    Yoga Instructor

    William discovered Yoga in 1995 on the simple path to becoming a better rock climber.  He learned Yoga is a lot more than building core strength & flexibility.

    “Practicing Yoga is a great compliment to any hobby because of the powerful psychological benefits & body connection to breath.  This metaphor is infinite as the power of breath is used every day, especially when we confront fear & anxiety.  The simple yet profound path to learning how to master our breath makes our life more manageable & teaches us how to let go of stress & tension in a healthy sustainable manner.”

    In addition to practicing victorious breath, William loves how Yoga reminds us to slow down & stay connected to living in the present & being aware.  Learning to do this this brings us peace & joy when we most need it.

    Invigorated by Yoga, William completed multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings at Akasha Yoga in Davis & CorePower in Berkeley. When he isn’t teaching Yoga, he can often be found rock climbing in Yosemite.

  • Dorian Young

    Yoga Instructor

    Dorian is an enthusiastic, fun, and versatile yoga instructor who has been teaching multiple traditions including power-vinyasa, yin, traditional, hot, and tandem styles across various studios in the Bay Area since 2011. His goal is to provide accessible and creative language so students can build their own set of tools and gateways to deepen their personal yoga practices on and off the mat. In his classes, he encourages students to experiment within sturdiness, and to remember that yoga isn’t about gritting your teeth, but about cultivating peace and curiosity in the postures. His sequences are determined but playful, and he he hopes his students leave feeling relaxed, joyous and with a newfound appreciation for their bodies and minds.

  • Amelia Marie Pudoff

    Yoga Instructor

    Amelia is an Oakland native. Her love of yoga and anatomy shines in her alignment based teaching.

    Amelia did a 200-hour teacher training course in 2011 and then study prenatal and postpartum yoga at Yoga Garden in San Francisco. She completed her 500-hour certification at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, CA in 2016.  Amelia teaches diverse moving classes influenced by the teaching style of BKS Iyengar. Classes are challenging with a range of modifications to accommodate all levels.

  • Rebecca Thineman

    Yoga Instructor

    Rebecca is a yoga teacher, dietitian, and behavioral health expert and enthusiast with a real-life approach to yogic living. She is passionately committed to helping people embrace well-being on and off the mat through asana practice, wellness workshops, individual and group health coaching. Through a perspective most heavily influenced by Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Vipassana meditation, she seeks to create a sacred space in which others can connect more mindfully within and without.

  • Michelle Vigen Ralston

    Yoga Instructor

    As a way to get through an extra hard Minnesota winter, Michelle first stepped onto a mat in Minneapolis, MN in 2010. After moving to the DC Area, she completed her RYT-200 teacher training at Inner Power Yoga, and now to the Bay Area. Michelle has been leading yoga for climbers since early 2016, first in the DC Area and now in at BIW. Her sequences blend aspects of power vinyasa and Ashtanga in a creative flow designed to build strength, develop body awareness, and invite exploration of new poses and variations, arm balances, and inversions.

  • Kate Dedlow

    Yoga Instructor

    Kate is an ERYT 200. She is trained in alignment, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, is a Reiki Practitioner, and Soulful Breathwork apprentice and facilitator. Her yoga studies have taken place in Colorado and California.

    She brings over 14 years of personal yoga and meditation practice to her teaching. She has a strong and palpable passion for exploring the potential of her own self-growth through the beautiful practice of yoga and brings this passion to her students! Kate’s yoga classes are mindful and energetic, centered around anatomy and a deep connection with the breath, in an effort to reap the benefits of the yoga practice. Teachers she continues to study with are Seane Corn, Annie Carpenter, and Noah Maze.

  • Rachel Wang

    Yoga Instructor

    Rachel (RYT-200) strives to make yoga as sustainable and approachable for everyone no matter what condition, level, or body type. With methodical sequencing accompanied by intelligent hands-on adjustments, her classes are dynamic and fluid with plenty of modifications offered. Her first yoga teacher training was completed in Vinyasa Flow in 2013. She then furthered her knowledge and practice with a second 200-hour training in a more dynamic and deeper flow called cYoga in 2016. She also enjoys exploring slower paced styles, such as Yin, Restorative, and Gentle Flow.

    For Rachel, yoga goes far beyond the physical aspect; it is a way of healing by helping us to better understand and connect with ourselves from within. Her objective for teaching yoga is to inspire others to explore their edges and to leave after every class with a sense of feeling stronger, balanced, and renewed.

  • Julia Zasyatkina

    Yoga Instructor

    Julia is a firm believer in the transformative aspects of yoga, having experienced the profound emotional, physical, and spiritual changes from the practice in her own life. While this journey is multifaceted and unique for each practitioner, Julia encourages this connection to self by creating a unique container through which to experience the present moment through the body. Her Acro and Vinyasa Flow classes emphasize awareness of breath, sensation, and alignment for deeper connection with oneself and others. Julia hopes that each student finds the joy and connection in movement.