• Lyn Barraza (she/her)


    Lyn’s life as a climbing addict began May 2001 at Berkeley Ironworks. In the ensuing years, her love of climbing has taken her to some of the most magical (Fontainbleau forest) and the most mundane (Indian Rock, Berkeley) climbing areas in the world. Although she enjoys climbing in all its forms, bouldering is her passion and most weekends you can find her in Yosemite wandering the valley floor, climbing one of the proud blocs or searching for that next amazing line.

  • Jeffrey (he/him)

    Desk Staff + Instructor

    Jeffrey has been climbing for over 20 years across the world. Jeffrey’s formal education is in painting and drawing, but you’re more likely to find him on the Valley floor floating up boulder problems, or on a bike running laps in the Oakland hills. Jeffery is one of our most experienced instructors and his clinics and private lessons slots fill up quickly! He answers to ‘Ye-feery’ and ‘Chuck’.

  • Michelle (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Michelle likes cats. She is a vegan. She doesn’t own a car. If you can’t find her behind the desk at BIW or at REI… good luck. She is probably backpacking the JMT or scuba diving off the coast of Bali or climbing in Rocklands or raving in London or ____________.

    Your guess is as good as ours.

  • James (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    James loves bees, flowers, music, and climbing, but mostly all four of them. He walked into Berkeley Ironworks for the first time on November 25th, 2005 and has been hooked on climbing ever since. He recently graduated from Humboldt State University where he was heavily involved with their climbing team. If you want to see James get really fired up ask him about his favorite band, bee, or flower.

  • Amy (she/her) 

    Desk Staff
    She enjoys the fruits that life offers! Especially plums. For Amy, the spark for climbing began in 2014 at Gettysburg College, PA. She held on to the feeling of challenging and trusting herself and want it embedded in her day to day. Climbing is her meditation, getaway, life coach, and best friend. She is also passionate about art, social justice, and building community! When she’s not in the gym or on the rocks, you can find her watering the vegetable garden, slacklining, or hiking! Ask her about her favorite Bay Area native plant!
  • Victor (he/him)

    Desk Staff + Fitness Instructor

    Victor is better at recognizing faces than remembering names, trying to keep the ground underneath him sacred.  Whether it’s at the front desk or in class, his stand-up comedy game is pretty bad but you are his audience and it’s still better than his computer skills. Regardless he will try to make meaningful connections and see the best in you.  If you want a story, just ask. The story is what we truly long for when we want to remember.