COVID-19 Updates

The ongoing pandemic means lots of (temporary) changes! Some of the information on this page may not be applicable at this time. Please go to our COVID-19 Update page to get the most current info about your favorite climbing gyms.

I am a new member. What are my membership perks?
Welcome to the family! You can always review your membership benefits by checking out the welcome packet below. If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask the desk staff, too.

Member Welcome Packet

Can I purchase a gift card online?
Of course you can, you lucky ducky! Gift cards are available in any amount, can be used at all of our locations, and never expire.

Purchase Now

Can I schedule a lead test?
YES! Sometimes it’s difficult for staff to step away from the desk for 30 minutes to conduct a two-person lead test, or the gym may too busy to safely conduct the test where a fall is required. Scheduling ahead of time is the best way to ensure that you and your partner can take the test when you want!

Schedule a Lead Test

Do you allow non-service dogs in your gym?
We only allow service dogs in the gym, but your canine buddy may stay in our front outdoors area. All dogs must be well trained and must not exhibit aggression towards dogs or people. We do not allow dogs that bark or are disruptive to our members and the businesses around us. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dog to BIW property, as well as the property of our members, guests and neighbors. Please bring anything your dog might need while visiting: a dog bed, a water bowl and of course, your own leash or line to secure your best friend from harm! If your dog cannot abide by our guidelines, you will be asked to put your buddy in your car or take him/her back home.

I am not a member. Do I need to make an appointment to climb or are you open to the public? 
Yes, we are open to the public and you do not need an appointment. Come on in anytime during business hours.

Do you give tours or can I come look around on my own?
Yes. Some gyms offer staff-guided tours and others offer self-guided tours. An appointment is not necessary, you may come in anytime during business hours. Before you arrive please fill out a waiver to expedite your check-in process. See you soon!

Do you have free trial passes?
We do not have free trial passes but we do offer Day Passes and we offer a special Ten Pass that will waive your initiation fee if you decide to become a member.

How do I become a member?
If you would like to join, please come visit us in person at any Touchstone gym.

Do you have an age minimum?
We do not have an age minimum, but safety is our priority. If you are coming in with a child under the age of 14, they must be supervised at all times.

Is there a weight limit to climb?
No, climbing is for all shapes and sizes!

Do you have auto belays?
We do not have auto belays, however, if you do not have a partner we are always happy to try and find you one. Just ask the desk staff to make an announcement for you over the PA and you’ll be climbing with a new friend in no time.

My kids want to climb. What are my options?
Here are a few of the best ways to bring kids to the gym:

  • Arrange a private lesson for your child. Private lessons are one hour long, instructional, and fun!
  • We also offer a variety of kids programs, from birthday parties to kids camps. Find out what’s available at your local Touchstone gym by visiting the KIDS+ tab on any gym’s homepage.
  • Get involved and become belay certified. Take our Intro to Climbing Class to learn how to secure a harness, tie a figure 8 follow through knot, and complete your safety checks. You’ll be able to belay your own kids and have the knowledge to come back in the future!

I’m a member. How do I use my guest passes?
To use your guest pass, check in with the front desk staff and let them know that you’d like to bring a guest. To expedite the process, have your guest fill out a waiver online ahead of time.

Guest Pass Beta

  • All members (except for free children under a parent’s account) receive two guest passes a month:
    • Once to use anytime during the month.
    • Once on Member Guest Day, which is typically the 4th Friday of the month. Some holidays may adjust this day so please check the gym calendar.
  • Guests are limited to using 1 free guest pass every 30 days at any of our locations.
    • Example: If a friend uses your guest pass on the 15th, they can’t use another guest pass (from either you or another member) until the 16th of the following month.
    • The only exception to this rule: A guest can use a guest pass + a Member Guest Day pass within 30 days. This is because the Member Guest Day pass is a freebie!
  • On Member Guest Day, you may use two guest passes for two friends. Just ask to use your guest pass and your Member Guest Day pass.
  • Gear is not included with a guest pass.
  • Guest passes do not roll over—be sure to use yours before the month is up!

How do I cancel or freeze my membership? 
Easy peasy—you can either do that online by going to My Account or by letting us know in person at any Touchstone gym. Remember, all changes MUST be made before the first of the month. If you send in your request on or after the first, it will be processed for the next month.

Why are you guys so awesome?
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