Late Night Climbing

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For San Jose residents, Late Night Climbing offers a perfect chance to have a fun and healthy evening. Hundreds of South Bay climbers have skipped the clubs and bars for the excitement of The Studio Climbing. The Stuido has held a few Late Night Climbing sessions on May 17th, March 29th and February 15th.  The next one is coming up on July 26th.

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“Its a good time for people to sucker their friends into coming to the gym and even if they don’t love it or climb that much it doesn’t really matter to them because it was $5 bucks and they are in a rad environment where everyone is nice, sober and having a good time,” said The Studio manager Diane Ortega.

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 “It’s awesome to see people having a great time and being healthy on a Friday night, rather than taking part in traditional Friday night practices,” said Studio staff member Henry Springall. “We get a lot of members that invite big groups of friends to climb together which is really awesome. The rope climbing tends to start off pretty crowded but by the end everyone ends up bouldering around upstairs.”

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 The Studio will be open late on July 26th with day passes dropping to $5 from 10pm to 2am. Be sure to come check it out! 

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