Michael Reynolds at Ironworks

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Michael Reynolds, a bay area born and raised photographer has a series of fantastic photographs adorning the walls of Berkeley Ironworks currently.  The east bay gym’s artist of the month, Reynolds began hiking and climbing in Yosemite and the Sierra as a teenager.  “My photography was an out-growth of going the mountains and exploring.  I was also a bit of a photography geek in high school.  I was the kid with the camera, taking pictures for the high school yearbook, fussing around in the darkroom, etc.  It really started as a vehicle for sharing my vision of the outdoors.”

Reynolds photography includes images from the Southwest, the mountains of the western United States and the Pacific coastal areas.

Half Dome Moon

“My images are created out of respect for the places they depict.  I draw inspiration from the grand vistas, as well as the small, subtle details that nature has to offer,” said Reynolds. “ We find ourselves living in a world with shrinking wild lands and natural settings.  Even so, I am still optimistic and hope the images I create share my emotions for the wild places we still have available to us.  I am still draw to the back country of the high Sierra, but also have a fascination with the landscapes of the desert southwest. Ultimately, I’m trying to create art, images of light striking an object in a compelling way”

In his later years as a photographer, Reynolds attended numerous seminar classes with prominent photographers like Charlie Cramer, Jack Dykinga and Justine Black.  Reynolds’s photography has won numerous awards at local shows, been published by the Bay chapter of the Sierra Club, and has been displayed in a number of local galleries and public institutions.

The images hanging on the walls of Ironworks are giclée prints on either canvas or fine art luster paper. All are available for purchase. Canvas prints are $500, while framed prints on fine art luster paper are $275. Generally, we can accommodate your request for custom-sized prints of any of the images displayed.

To see many more of Reynolds images visit his web site at www.michaelrreynolds.com. For more information about the displayed images, or image locations, please email: photos@michaelrreynolds.com.