Pipeworks Member Profile: John Martinez

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Recently, Pipeworks manager Vaughn Medford sat down with long time Touchstone member John Martinez, who has undergone a huge transformation at the Sacramento gym.  Check out the great write up about John.
We are sad to bid farewell to our friend and long-time member John Martinez, who is being asked to relocate out of town for work. John started his career with the California Conservation Corp in 1978 and for 30+ years he has been promoted through the ranks, spending a good portion of that time at CCC headquarters located here in Sacramento. Recently however he was offered a big promotion: managing a field office and crew in the CCC’s brand new facility located in South Lake Tahoe.


John has been a member at Pipeworks since 2008 and you can tell from the photos what an amazing job he has done transforming himself over the past 5 years! Weighing in at 325 pounds with a family history of diabetes, the last straw for John was being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He knew he wanted and needed to make some changes. He started by walking during his lunch hour but found that he needed more help than just walking. Since doing it by himself wasn’t working – he realized that he needed a different format to make the changes he desperately needed. He noticed that Pipeworks was located near his office so he joined the gym, and shortly afterward hired one of the personal trainers to help get him on track. The day he remembers as the real ‘start’ to becoming healthier was the day his trainer asked him to do a push-up in the middle of what was a very busy gym. He couldn’t do even one, so the trainer told him to do a modified pushup on his knees. That stung the self-described “macho Latino male” so badly he swore to himself that he would never let it happen again.

Fast-forward 5 years: John has lost 120 pounds and weighs an amazingly trim 205! He stresses that he didn’t lose it all with a fad diet, but with steady incremental lifestyle changes: eating better, portion control, and most importantly making workouts part of his lifestyle. When asked what his secret to staying in shape is, he responded: “To not let the body overtake the mind, the mind needs to stay in control. When the body doesn’t want to continue, the mind needs to take over.” John’s goal weight is 190 pounds; he does 150 push-ups and runs 5k’s as well as 10k races. He recently ran the American River 1/2 marathon and set a goal to run the C.I.M. (California International Marathon).

As we wrapped up the interview John told me, “Vaughn, it has been a privilege and honor to get to know you and your staff. For the past few years you all have become my friends and I have witnessed life’s changes with all of you as you have witnessed my life changes. Pipeworks has been a part of me for nearly every day. Thank you for my personal transformation.”

John, you are a great person and will be missed at Pipeworks, but we wish you all the best in your new position. You are a shining example for the rest of us, and we consider ourselves lucky to have met you. The staff and members of Pipeworks are very proud of you and the changes you have made in your life!