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Join us online for Touchstone Live Fitness classes.


Enjoy one of our many yoga classes in our studio located on the second floor, behind the green door. With styles ranging from ashtanga to vinyasa, our instructors keep the classes fresh and accessible to participants of all experience levels. Check out our calendar for details on daily classes. Mats and equipment are available at no charge, and you are welcome to bring your own.

Cross Training

This is the class for early birds who want to get fit and still get to work on time! Get a cardio workout while strengthening specific muscle groups to make you better, faster, and stronger. This is a fantastic all-around class for staying active and for supplementing your other climbing and workout routines.


Come learn the fundamentals of the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: submissions, defense, positioning, and strategy. This is an introductory-level class for students with less than one year of experience. Each session will provide a warm-up and stretch, technique instruction, and short sparring sessions for more experienced participants who have been to a few classes and have attained a basic understanding of the course. Class size is limited due to available mat space and is first come first serve.

Intense Abs

This high-intensity class is designed to get you in and get you out fast. We will focus on your core, the most fundamental yet oftentimes overlooked area of everyone’s workout. Come work your core for a down and dirty 30 minutes!

Indoor Cycling

We have a variety of indoor cycling classes that provide excellent high-energy cardio workouts. We move through a variety of heart rate zones to build strong, powerful legs and cardiovascular “engines.” All of our classes last 45 minutes and are for all levels, but be sure to tell the instructor if it is your first class so they can explain the flow.