We offer day passes, punch cards and we also offer varying memberships so you can choose the option that best suits your climbing and fitness needs. For membership information, please click the Membership Details button.

Type Description Rate
Day Pass Weekdays after 3pm and weekends $30
Early Bird Day Pass Weekdays before 3pm, except holidays $25
Kids Day Pass Ages 12 and under $25
Ten Visit Pass 10 passes at a discounted rate. Waives the initiation fee for a monthly membership! Expires in 1 year. $270

Equipment Rental

No gear? No problem! We have everything you’ll need to get vertical in our gym.

Gear Description Rate
Full Package Shoes, Harness, & Belay Device $6
Shoes We carry child and adult sizes $4
Harness We have harnesses for all $2
Belay Device* *Collateral trade Free