• Sariah (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor

    Sariah is a handstand loving Acro-Momma who will help you find your inner strength in the beautiful practice of Yoga, Acro and Free Body Movement.  Sariah teaches all levels and all bodies leading classes with a playful spirit and open heart. She is the founder of The Handstand Nation and has certifications through Yoga Fit, AFFA, AcroYoga, Acro Revolution and Apprentice Bodywork through KnaluBalance. Sariah is constantly continuing her education. She says she has many teachers and tries to incorporate all the pieces that she loves into her practice.

  • Reno (he/him)

    Yoga Instructor

    Reno is a dynamic yoga instructor who has been teaching since 2007. His yoga style strikes a balance between meditative flows and powerful poses like arm balances and inversions. Balance, core strength, breath, concentration, and stillness in flow are cornerstones in his classes. Expect a challenging but playful practice in his classes. Reno is also a certified Acro yoga instructor and part of The Handstand Nation!

  • Erika (she/her)

    Indoor Cycling/Fitness Instructor

    A Pipeworks member since 2014, most of Erika’s career has included teaching others in a social work setting. Teaching cycling drew her because it gives people the chance to coordinate rhythm and movement while gaining all the benefits from cardiovascular fitness. Erika is always interested in increasing her skills and knowledge, and hopes to bring joy to those that attend her class.

  • Benett (he/him)

    Yoga/Fitness Instructor
    Benett is an experienced yoga teacher, intuitive bodyworker, avid musician, and adventurous traveler. His personal yoga practice spans over a decade. Benett has worked in many studios as a hands-on assistant and has trained in Thai massage in Thailand. By joining his knowledge of movement arts with musical style Benett brings depth, awareness, and fun to his student’s practice.
  • Anna (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor

    Anna considers Pipeworks her “third place” and has been rock climbing for over a decade. After completing her 500 hour yoga teacher training certification, she couldn’t think of a better way to give back to the Pipeworks community than by offering a weekly yoga class. In Anna’s class you can expect a slower flow with intentional sequences, long hold stretches, and plenty of modifications and props to make yoga accessible to all bodies. Outside of yoga and climbing, Anna is an avid mountain biker, sourdough bread baker, hula hooper, and lover of learning.

  • Katie (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor

    Yoga has been an integral part of Katie’s life since 2012. As a trusts/estates attorney and mother of a teenager, she appreciates the balance that yoga brings to her. It is a place to find solace from the hustle of daily life and create time for inner connection.

    Katie offers a balance of grace and precision in her classes. She creates a space for students to have fun while developing deeper awareness on the mat. Her hope is that their practice empowers them to make positive adjustments in their daily life to feel freer every single day. Committed to her studentship, Katie has taken several teacher trainings, both locally and abroad. In addition to vinyasa and hatha yoga, she has training and experience in recovery-based yoga.

  • Scott (he/him)

    Fitness Instructor

    As a nearly Masters age athlete, Scott knows the importance of movement throughout a long life. With interest in everything from Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics, tennis to running; Scott also holds a CF-L1 certificate which he has coached for 4 years. Scott’s focus is on assessment, technique, frequency, scalable movement, mobility, learning skills, and finally- intensity. Whether you are just starting, are injured/recovering, or you’re in the best shape of your life, Scott can inspire you to improve and motivate you to keep coming back.

  • Susana (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor

    Susana has found refuge in yoga as a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practice. Her teaching is informed by her bachelor’s in exercise biology as well as multiple yoga teacher trainings, Thai massage training, and years of assisting heated vinyasa classes in Sacramento. A student first, she continues to practice with her teachers, and she is eager to share her insights with her students. Outside the yoga room, she loves climbing, backpacking, spending time in the sun, eating poke bowls, and geeking out over TV and film.

  • Kaitlynn (she/her)

    Indoor Cycling Instructor

    Kait teaches dynamic classes, incorporating feel-good music with high-intensity drills. She wants her students to improve their cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance, but more importantly, leave class with an appreciation of their own hard work. In her spare time, Kait enjoys climbing, yoga, snowboarding, paddle
    boarding, woodworking, and backpacking in the mountains with her dog. She’s been a Pipeworks member since 2012.

  • Mel (he/him)

    Yoga Instructor
  • Travis (he/him)

    Yoga Instructor

    Travis discovered yoga in 2016 as he sought physical longevity for basketball, but it quickly became a much deeper and more meaningful practice for connecting with the self. He began teaching at the beginning of 2022 as an integral element of cultivating a life that embodies the nurturing of mind, body, and spirit for both himself and others. His class aims to ride the line between too much and not enough by offering a mixture of slow and strong vinyasa sequences, core exercises, and some incorporation of meditative and breath work practices all sandwiched by restorative yin postures. Be prepared for a physical and mental challenge that might push you up against an edge, but plan on leaving open, grounded, and relaxed. When he’s off of his mat, he loves to play basketball, climb, adventure outside with his pupper, and indulge in podcasts, books, movies, and comedy.

  • Lynsey

    Yoga Instructor

    Hello! Hi & welcome! During my light-hearted yoga classes, we will explore free movement, functional strengthening & energy movement through breath work and silly, yet effective, poses. My class tends to be weather based: on hot days we cool down, on rainy days we chill out, and all the days in between we move, laugh, and stretch. Bring lots of water and an open mind. All humans are invited to come explore their bodies. Looking forward to playing around with you!

  • Courtney (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor

    Courtney is a world-traveling, animal-loving, health-conscious single mom. In her spare time, she enjoys getting out into nature, plunging into the rivers, and climbing rocks. Her love for athletics began at 3 years old when she started what turned out to be a lifelong dancing extravaganza! This of course has included a wide range of activities that she could sink her teeth into! During the pandemic, Courtney deepened her yoga practice exponentially which lead her to teach over the last couple of years. She is spunky, smiley, and loves to share her passions with the community.

  • Emily (she/her)

    Fitness Instructor

    I am a mountain biker, trail runner, and backpacker, and personally, I use cross training (TRX is my favorite) to stay fit and healthy for those activities. In turn, I try to focus the fitness classes I teach on functional movements that build strength and promote success and injury-prevention in outdoor recreation. During my classes, I offer different options and variations on each exercise in order to create an inclusive environment for participants, while also providing a challenging workout. I aim to foster a supportive atmosphere, in which people can push themselves and encourage each other to reach their goals.

  • Melissa (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor

    Hi, Melissa here. I am a yoga teacher, and I have studied pranayama, meditation, dance, and embodiment. I serve those who want to drop into their bodies by moving the energy through and finding strength in the pause. My biggest loves are nature, techno music, cooking, and my dog Mac. I am so grateful to be a member of this community and look forward to deepening relationships here.

  • Claudia (she/her)

    Yoga/Fitness Instructor

    Claudia is a California born and raised student and teacher of fitness. She is a Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor and an Integrated Movement Specialist through Balanced Body, as well as a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. Her joy is to help people feel challenged, less stressed, and more at home in their bodies. Her teaching journey was inspired by her dog Scout, who became quadriplegic from a degenerative spine disease. She helped nurse him back to walking through basic physical therapy and Pilates exercises. From that experience, Claudia truly believes motion is lotion for the body. Check out her PRIME STRENGTH class, which offers a core-focused full body workout, killer playlists and yes, charming jokes!

  • Thuy (she/her)

    Indoor Cycling & Yoga

    Thuy has always known that music and movement are healing to the soul. She grew up in a family of musicians and dancing, so it was only natural for her to find her passion and rhythm in yoga and indoor cycling. In 2008, she established her fitness community at Pipeworks but dove into teacher training programs in 2019. Thuy offers creative and accessible classes, while also sharing the yogic roots through practicing awareness of the physical and subtle bodies. Whether it’s on or off the mat, she wants to spread harmony, joy, and empowerment to as many people as possible. Thuy hopes to inspire others to connect with their own inner wisdom and strength. She is a proud fur mama of a chiweenie, an aspiring sound healer, and loves to climb and swim in her free time.

  • Joel (he/him)

    Indoor Cycling

    Joel is passionate about personal development, growth, and leading oneself to being better than they were yesterday. He takes this same approach as a cycling instructor, helping his members to embrace being uncomfortable while having fun. A dynamic playlist, focused intentions, and perseverance will have you leaving this class feeling energized, accomplished, and a little sweaty.